Tips for Painting With Darker Colors

Posted on Mar 31st 2021


Tips for Painting With Darker Colors

Are you intrigued by the allure of darker colors, but intimidated by the thought of taking such a bold move with your home’s interior design? Don’t let fears of smaller-looking, cave-like rooms prevent you from exploring the “dark side.” Follow our below tips for creating a well-balanced design with dark colors, and you’ll never choose white paint again!

Start With an Accent Wall

If you’re not ready to go all out with darker shades, the best way to test the water is with an accent wall. Choose one wall in the room you want to highlight and saturate it with your color of choice: black, grey, earthy brown, navy blue. Accent walls make a bold statement without overwhelming the room. Adding furniture or wall hangings of the same color further highlights your accent wall.

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Brighten Up with Pops of Color

Ready to go all-in? If you’re painting all or a majority of the room in a dark color, a great way to brighten it up is with bold pops of color. Think of red furniture, bright yellow radiators, blue window trim, and so on. Mirrors are another great way to brighten up dark rooms as they reflect light and make the room itself appear bigger. With the right decor, a dark room becomes a well-crafted design (rather than the drabby, dull space many fear).

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Balance it Out

Dark colors are best balanced with lighter ones. When painting your walls in a dark tone, choose neutral, lighter colors for the ceiling, carpet or flooring, and bedding. This prevents that “cave” feeling many designers fear when choosing darker tones. Darker tones add depth to a room and can play in your favor in a small space.

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Consider Your Sheen

Another way to enhance the dramatic flair of darker colors is by choosing a high gloss sheen. This highly reflective finish will make light practically bounce off the walls of your room, creating a glowing look. Be careful when choosing higher gloss sheens, however, as they are quite unforgiving. Where matte colors hide imperfections, high gloss will highlight every little detail. To avoid any unsightly imperfections, be sure to smooth over holes or other damage.

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Make it Useful

If you’re going bold with black, why not choose chalk paint? This is an excellent option for both kitchens and kids’ rooms. You’ll never have to worry about your children destroying the walls with crayons again. Chalk paint in kitchens or mudrooms functions as a chore bored, reminder list, and weekly calendar. Not only will your home look beautifully crafty, but you’ll also never forget what you need from the grocery store again!

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Many homeowners think black or grey when they hear “dark colors.” While these two shades offer sophisticated design elements when done right, you have the whole rainbow to choose from. Most of our favorite dark shades are inspired by nature - earthy browns, jade green, stormy sea blue, canyon red. Whatever color you choose, don’t be afraid to go bold!

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