How to Bring Nature Indoors With Paint

Posted on Feb 22nd 2021


How to Bring Nature Indoors With Paint

Sherwin-Williams® recently announced the color of the year (Urban Bronze) along with a palette for 2021. Rooted in nature, these colors bring us back to the simplicity of the great outdoors. Rich, earthy tones and exotic colors that evoke the tropics make up this year’s palette. If you’re planning to do some house painting with these new colors, read on for our design tips on “bringing nature indoors” with color.

Down To Earth

While nature is bursting with a rainbow of colors, there are a few tones that anchor everything into place. We’re talking about the earthy, solid colors that make you feel safe and secure. Rich soil-browns, clay red, deep forest green, sandy greys - these are the tones we see within the bones of the earth. Offering sanctuary and warmth, these colors can enhance your home in a wonderful way. Create a cozy feel in living or bedrooms, design your kitchen with a backdrop of natural minimalism. Earthy colors are incredibly versatile and pair well with various design themes. Darker tones contrast well with creamy whites while mid-tones can be enhanced with complimentary colors.

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Breezy Blues

In the sky above us and the never-ending sea around us, blue is the reigning color. A much-loved choice for interior design, blue never seems to go out of style. The hundreds of tones and hues of blue make it one very versatile color. For example, you can design a breezy, beachy feel with sky blue, bright whites, and wicker furniture. Or, you can create a serene, sophisticated look with navy blue and neutral accents.

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Bright Tropics

Coral pink, flashy orange, sunshine yellow - these are the joyful hues of the tropics. With a few fresh coats of paint, you can bring your dream getaway location into your home! These vibrant, joyful colors are quick mood up-lifters and can make quite the impact, whether you just use a splash of color or drape an entire room in a saturated hue. If you really like color, don’t be shy! Joyful design is a big trend this year and homeowners are going bolder with bright colors.

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Garden Greens

Like blue, green is a big player in the natural world. From emerald forest canopies to the bright hues of citrus fruits, green presents itself in thousands of shades. A color that evokes peace and calm, green is a great choice in the home. Root yourself to the natural world with fresh coats of deep green, or uplift your mood with an exciting splash of lime green.

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The natural world has always inspired great artists and designers, thanks to its large palette of colors. If you enjoy the feelings invoked by a day spent outdoors, you can bring this feeling home with you. Love the natural color trend, but not sure how it will work in your home? Our house painters in St. George can help.

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