How to Choose the Perfect Color

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How to Choose the Right Residential Paint Color?

Tips from Our Professionals

Revamping your home with a fresh coat of paint is a transformative experience, but the challenge lies in selecting the ideal color. While neutral tones and whites provide a clean slate, they may lack the flair you desire. If you're aiming to infuse creativity into your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, it's time to explore more vibrant and bold color choices.

In the realm of how to choose the right residential paint color the choice of color holds immense power. It has the potential to completely redefine the ambiance and atmosphere of your living spaces. Whether you seek a soothing retreat or an invigorating environment, color stands as the pivotal design element that can bring your vision to life.

A lavander painted wall with a grey couch, how to choose the right residential paint color.
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Color and Mood

Several Key Factors

We all have a favorite color, and it’s often associated with warm memories or our favorite natural elements or landscapes. Colors invoke feelings and emotions, establishing a link between color and mood. Studies have shown that color can calm us, invoke strong emotions, and help us concentrate. It’s important to consider the emotional responses connected with certain colors before deciding on the palette for your interior design.

  • Relaxing Colors

    A calm, peaceful atmosphere is perfect for bedrooms, reading nooks, nurseries, and meditation or yoga spaces. Cooler colors (but not too cool) are a good choice - think pastel hues or ocean-inspired blues. Muted green is a great choice that inspires creativity and boosts the mood.

  • Energizing Colors

    Louder, saturated colors will do the opposite - up the energy! Bright oranges and reds are perfect for home gyms, the kitchen, or game rooms. When painting with such bold colors, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Try using these tones on accent walls instead of all over the room.

  • Happy Colors

    Sunny yellow, coral pink and light oranges invoke happy moods are a great choice in living rooms, sunrooms and children’s bedrooms. You can also pair these cheerful hues with neutral colors for a balanced look.

  • Cozy Colors

    Darker tones are great in creating a warm, snuggly feel. Earthy colors like browns, deep greens and greys are a great choice for a master bedroom, basements, and living rooms. Be sure to add some fuzzy blankets and fluffy pillows in contrasting tones!

How to Choose
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How to choose the Right Residential Paint Color

Hiring Expert Painters

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When you choose our professional painters, you're opting for a team with a wealth of expertise in color selection and application. We take into account your preferences, the specific characteristics of your room (such as size, shape, and natural light), and other relevant factors to guide you toward the perfect color choice. Once we've helped you decide, our skilled painters will execute the application flawlessly, transforming your space into something entirely new.

With over two decades of experience in the painting industry, we've honed a robust business model that delivers impeccable paint services without breaking the bank. When you enlist our team of professional painters, you can anticipate the following levels of expertise:

  • Affordable Pricing
    We stand by our services and are proud to offer some of the most affordable pricing systems in the industry. Contact us for a free estimate!
  • On-Schedule
    Your schedule is important to us; you can expect your contractors to show up on time.
  • Clean Up
    Painter1 offers full service, meaning we will leave your house in order when we finish, with not a speck of paint out of place.
  • Reliable Crew
    Our staff is trained to the highest standards so that you can feel safe at home while we perform our job.
  • Put an end to your search for residential painting services. Painter1 is the trusted company you can rely on. Contact us today to get a free estimate and give your home a remarkable makeover with our expert painting services!

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    What to Consider when Choosing a Color

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    When Selecting a Color

    Several Key Factors

    We all have a favorite color, and it’s often associated with warm memories or our favorite natural elements or landscapes. Colors invoke feelings and emotions, establishing a link between color and mood. Studies have shown that color can calm us, invoke strong emotions, and help us concentrate. It’s important to consider the emotional responses connected with certain colors before deciding on the palette for your interior design.

    • Your Unique Tastes

      Most homeowners have their unique style preferences, whether that’s modern, sophisticated, luxurious, or bohemian. Modern design sticks to whites and clean, crisp palettes. Bohemian styling includes earthy, eclectic colors. Let your natural desires be your guide and choose the color that truly speaks to you!

    • Balancing Colors

      Once you’ve settled on a color, you’ll need to choose more! Yes, we know...but don’t be overwhelmed! The main color is the most difficult part, and the other hues you choose are the balancing tones in your palette. Most interior designs use a 60-30-10 rule, where the main color is the big player and the second and third colors add contrast. Choose a more neutral tone as the main one and get creative with bold, accenting colors.

    • Creating A Theme

      If you’d rather try something different from the usual 60-30-10, there are other color themes. If you just want one neutral color, you can add in contrast with your wall hangings, furniture, and decor. Or you can go monochrome and deck your room out in all one color, from floor to ceiling! Why not try one color in various shades?

    • Other Considerations

      Finish: Choosing the right finish for your paint is crucial to achieving the desired look and functionality in your space. Matte finishes are perfect for creating a serene atmosphere in bedrooms, while glossier paints are not only easy to clean but also ideal for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Keep in mind that glossier finishes can reflect light, so consider your room's lighting before opting for this finish. Conversely, matte finishes tend to absorb light and may appear dull in certain spaces.

      Lighting: The amount of natural and artificial light in your room significantly impacts how a color will appear. It's wise to test a small patch of paint on your wall to see how it looks under your room's specific lighting conditions. In rooms with limited natural light, lighter hues paired with a high gloss finish can help brighten up the space. Conversely, larger, well-lit rooms can feel cozier with darker tones, creating an inviting ambiance.

      Considering Selling?: If you plan to put your home on the market, think twice before choosing bold or highly personalized colors. Homes with neutral, clean palettes tend to have broader appeal among potential buyers, as they can more easily envision their own decor and style within the space. However, if you're unsure about color selection, don't hesitate to seek guidance on how to choose the right residential paint color like us at Painter1. With our extensive experience, we can help you pick the perfect color that aligns with your space's overall atmosphere and purpose, whether it's a serene bedroom, a productive home office, or a vibrant kitchen.

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    • Navin Prabhu
      Very professional. Excellent job. On time. No upsells. Overall, a great experience !
    • Janet Myers
      We are happy with the job that Painter1 did for us. Everyone that we dealt with was professional and very courteous. The painters did a good job and were careful with our belongings. They arrived on time, did all the work as scheduled and left a clean workplace. We had a very heavy mirror that was hung high on the wall above the fireplace and a large paravent that hangs on a wall in the living room. Both of these would have been difficult to remove safely, but the painters didn't complain about having to do that and both were removed without any damage. We appreciated the care they took with their work.
    • Jason Wilde
      Amazing experience! Super quick and easy and great quality!
    • Olga Arellano
      Was very impressed by timeliness, responsiveness and professionalism of Painter1 staff and owner. They stand behind their work, which they do thoroughly and efficiently. Could not have imagined that the deck, fence and flower bed beams could have been done so quickly and well and at a reasonable rate. Highly recommend Painter1!
    • Ashley Puleo
      We had a tight turn around and a rather comprehensive job. Savannah and her team were on time, very professional and went above and beyond to finish on time. I highly recommend Painter1!!
    • Dani Best
      We could not be happier with the work performed by Aaron and his crew from Painter1. Not only was the price reasonable, the job was finished ahead of schedule. Plus, their end-of-job cleanup was pristine! I highly recommend Painter1
    • karthick Ragothaman
      They did a very good job in painting my kitchen. They made me do final walkthrough and fixed all the issues mentioned. Thanks
    • Charles Maurer
      Professional service. Easy to deal with. Fair price. Would use again.
    • Marie Garrett
      I am so glad I contacted Painter1 for my project. Bryce showed up on time, communicate all the details clearly, was very knowledgeable and understanding about what I needed, and very professional. He was flexible, listened to all my concerns, and his recommendations helped to get the best outcome possible. Their prices were very competitive and reasonable, for the great quality of work that they delivered. I am very happy with the results.
    • Russell Tarlton
      When I first contacted them, I immediately was able to talk to Tin the owner. We set up the estimate appointment at my townhouse. Tin was very knowledgeable, friendly and got right to work inspecting my unit. He gave me a quote immediately and hired him and his crew to paint my townhouse. the work was done that day, and I have to say it is excellent work, and I’m very very pleased with the results I highly recommend. Tin and his wonderful team.
    • Valerie Brinkley
      We had our entire house painted to remove the flat paint and Painter 1 came and did a great job. Tin the owner, was very professional and gave me an immediate quote and timeline. Very good job, we are pleased.
    • Jeanie Mooney
      I am very pleased with the painting of the exterior and one room in the interior of my house. The painters did a wonderful job on a difficult house to paint. They were prompt every day and they were willing to figure out how to do the difficult parts. The only problem was the painters didn’t speak good English, but could understand my expectations. Overall, they were excellent workers and did a great job!
    • Russ Ingenbrandt
      I hired Painter1 to do some drywall repair and painting in an office space and they did a fantastic job! I received a quote within 24 hours of reaching out and the entire job was done within 7 days following my first contact! Definitely give them a shot if you need high quality work done quickly!
    • Jim & Christine Phillips
      Lisa and her team did a phenomenal job! She has an eye for detail that she ensures gets carried out on the job! They were ready to start when we needed them and they worked around our schedule and other contractors requests. Quick work for such a great job! Would definitely use them again!
    • Sheila Harris
      Painter1 of Green Country did a fantastic job on our home's interior and cabinets. We searched for a while to find a good painter and I'm happy to let you know I've done the work for you! Painter1 was the most responsive, friendliest, most professional, and true to their word team we found. The communication was quick and informative, and the estimate was done easily. It was sent to me timely and we accepted it. Once the job was booked, the team was great! We're so happy with our home and highly recommend Painter1 of Green Country!
    • Ken Poskey
      These guys are great!!! I needed my Inlaws house painted pronto and they got on it quick. Robert was great to work with and his guys were fast and courteous. They knew their stuff and worked the whole time they were there. Thanks Painter1...will use you again!
    • Carol Patterson
      They are the best can’t recommend them high enough.
    • Mary Ann Shelton
      The painting crew was very careful to protect my furnishings and floors. They were quick and efficient. From scheduling to completion of project I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for doing such a great job!
    • Julia May
      After seeing Painter1 beautifully transform my friend’s home, I knew I had found the right painters! They did impeccable work on my walls and doors. They really go the extra mile and make sure all details are taken care of and they leave the space pristine! Thank you Corina, Sergio and team! I can finally love the walls of my new home.
    • Bailey Fait
      Painter1 did a terrific job start to finish. Great communication from pre quote through clean up. There was never a question on where the process was at, what work was being performed, issues that arose, etc. recommend
    • BethAnn Jones
      We had our kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom and stairwell painted. They did an excellent job at a very affordable price. We will be having them back in the spring to do the basement.
    • Tony Pittz
      We reached out to Painter1 to get a quote to paint the exterior of our home prior to listing it for sale. It is a farmhouse that is over 100 years old and we were almost afraid how much it would cost. Painter1 was very quick to respond and we had a quote that was much lower than we had anticipated and they had an opening in their schedule for the next week. We had at least three people working on the house at all times and they pressure washed, scraped and sanded where needed, caulked, and painted, all in a week's time. They were great to work with and kept us informed the whole way. You'd be crazy not to get a quote from them.
    • Jenny Bachler
      Adriana and Michael from Painter1 are a dream team! I had their team paint two of my bedrooms, and also put a fresh coat of paint on my front doors. They were professional, friendly, punctual, and great people. Adriana walked through with her team before the work was done to make sure they understood what exactly needed to be done, and also inspected the rooms after the work was completed to be sure everything was done properly. I would highly recommend Adriana and Michael to anyone who is looking to put a fresh coat of paint in their home, and would like to work with kind (and funny!), conscientious, and genuinely good people!
    • Paula Sciortino
      We used Painter 1 to repair dry wall, paint and remove popcorn ceiling. The team worked extremely hard and were very conscientious. We would highly recommend this company.
    • vanessa allison
      Lisa and her team provided a beautiful paint job and excellent, friendly service. I highly recommend and will use them again for future paint projects.
    • Betty Budnek
      Painter 1 is fast, careful, and cleanly. They worked with me on special needs. I was very satisfied.
    • Christine Handal
      I used them for the first time for my business. They are really amazing at their service. Professional and great paint job. Will definitely use them again.👍🏻
    • Joe Wickham
      Painter1 of Salt Lake City was great to work with! Daniel Mason in particular was very thorough with the initial quote, communicative, and understanding when project details changed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a residential painting company.
    • Lindsey Dalrymple Webster
      Very professional, great quality, good price.
    • Pamela L
      Amazing experience, and we are so happy with the result!
    • Sherri Lane
      My house looks beautiful thanks to Dallin and the crew from Painter 1! If you need any painting done I absolutely recommend Painter 1!
    • Edward Schmidt
      Exceptional professionalism ... focused on detail of job. I have never in 40 years been more impressed. Worth every dollar.
    • Susan McCrary
      They did a good job.
    • Pastor Alex Guzman
      Very professional people to work with. Customer service is great, and provide quality work. If you need commercial or residential work done, work with That 1 Painter.
    • Sue Peters
      Everyone was friendly, professional, and answered all our questions in a timely manner. We did have an issue with 1 painter with a lack of communication, but that was promptly handled with a new set of painters who did a great job.
    • Christopher Davis
      Excellent quality and finished on schedule. What more could you ask for. I will hire Painter 1 again.
    • Roger Casey
      This project exceeded all my expectations. I received a bid for painting my main floor and two bedrooms of our house with in a very short time after the representative was at my house. The painters started the project in 3 day and did the entire work in a day and a half. They taped, covered future, painted, patched, sanded, and put a second coat on in less the a day and a half. The patch work was flawless. The workers were a pleasure to be around. They answered all my questions and were very polite. I would do business with this company again if I need painting.
    • Brendan Lizz Rhoads
      We found Painter 1 on Anji. Dustin was able to come out within a day or 2 to give us a quote. He was friendly, efficient and professional. Approving the quote online was quick and easy. The office manager Ashley did have to push the job out, but only by one business day, which was fine for us. But when she did was professional and courteous about the change. The 2 man team that came out were great. We had an entry way, hallway and 2 bathrooms painted and they were done in less than 6 hours. They had drop cloths down over anything that was not getting painted, did the job very well and cleaned up. All of those rooms look brand new. We have definitely found our new painters for any projects going forward. Thank you Dustin, Ashley and Team!
    • John Martin
      The crew did a great job. They made sure everything was protected and cleaned up after. The prep including hole repair and caulking was well done. The painting looks great. We are very happy with the job they did. All of this in less than the projected time.
    • Erika G
      They were fantastic! I would recommend to anyone! Very clean work
    • Hope Miller
      Very informative, professional and efficient, I was so pleased with the ending result I recommend them to anyone😁
    • Timo Lehto
      Really happy with finished work, house looks better than ever ! 100% recommendation ! T. Lehto Winston Trails
    • Joshuah R
      The Painter1 team was awesome, Michael is professional and responsive and within a week of scheduling we had repainted our entire first floor. The difference is incredible and I really appreciate the great work.
    • Sonya Weeks
      We had a great experience with Jose and his team! Very professional and great quality! Was very prompt and professional! Highly recommend!
    • Sulthan Mohammad
      Used Painter1 for painting the interior of my house. Very fair price. Good communication through the entire process. Cleaned up at the end of each day. And most importantly was completely satisfied with the end product!
    • Tiffany Haynes
      The paint job was excellent and I couldn't find a single flaw. Painter1 was friendly, responsive to our needs and priced reasonably. The painting crew was efficient and cleaned up after the house was painted. I would definitely recommend their services. I will definitely use Painter1 in the future!
    • Satyendra Singh
      Our house exterior was painted by Painter1. It was a positive experience right from getting a quotation all the way to project completion. They maintained work schedules, did quality work, responded to changes easily and were pleasant to work with! We will keep them as our go to painting professionals for any future work!
    • Aileen Hartley
      Painter1 not only had the best quote but the commincation was timely, friendly and helpful. Also, the end result is gorgeous! Highly recommend.
    • Laura Spanski
      Painter 1 of Upstate SC. Professional, great paint job and prompt completion at the agreed price says it all. We had our main floor painted. Savannah was excellent to work with - I definitely recommend Painter1 of Upstate SC.
    • David Gillespie
      Savannah is very professional and great supervisor of her crew. Very pleased with the job. Have only a minor thing: ornamental shrubs got sprayed along with porch (hope they survive); should have been covered. Other than that, great work; very responsive to owners requests.

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