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A black door recently painted by Painter1's best exterior painters in Salt Lake City, UT.

Exterior House Painters in Salt Lake City, UT

Unleash the Magic of Color

When it comes to transforming your residential or commercial property with a fresh coat of paint, look no further than Painter1 of Salt Lake City. With two decades of unwavering dedication to the painting industry, we have established ourselves as the leading experts in exterior painting services. Our mission is simple: to renew your space and rejuvenate your life through the power of paint.

With a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial projects, we understand the art of creating incredible transformations. We've witnessed how a meticulously applied coat of paint can breathe new life into any space. At Painter1 of Salt Lake City, we don't just meet industry standards; we exceed them. Our commitment to delivering above-and-beyond quality is the cornerstone of our service.

When you choose Painter1 of Salt Lake City for your exterior painting needs, you're selecting the best in the business. Experience the magic of a fresh, vibrant exterior that not only enhances your property's curb appeal but also revitalizes your surroundings. Trust the experts who have mastered the craft of exterior painting - Painter1 of Salt Lake City, your premier choice for top-notch painting services in Salt Lake City, UT.

What We Can Do for You

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With two decades of expertise in the painting industry, Painter1 of Salt Lake City is a trusted name for all your exterior painting needs. Our skilled team of professional painters is well-versed in handling both residential and commercial projects, and we take immense pride in rejuvenating your spaces through our exterior painting services. We firmly believe that a fresh coat of paint has the incredible power to transform not only the aesthetics of your property but also the mood, perception, and emotions associated with it.

When you choose Painter1 of Salt Lake City as one of the best exterior house painters in Salt Lake City, UT, you're not just hiring a painting service; you're investing in a remarkable transformation experience. Our commitment to delivering above-and-beyond quality is our hallmark. We understand that your home or business is more than just a building; it's a reflection of your personality, style, and vision. That's why we approach every project with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to ensuring the end result aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Whether you're looking to refresh the look of your home's exterior, increase its curb appeal for potential buyers, or simply want to create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere, our team is here to make it happen. At Painter1 of Salt Lake City, we believe that your space deserves nothing less than the very best, and we're here to bring your vision to life, one brushstroke at a time. So, when you're searching for the best exterior painters in Salt Lake City, UT, don't settle for ordinary – choose the extraordinary difference that Painter1 of Salt Lake City can provide.

At Painter1 of Salt Lake City, we recognize the paramount significance of enhancing curb appeal, as your home's exterior speaks volumes about its character. Whether you're striving to adhere to HOA guidelines or simply desiring a revitalized aesthetic, count on us to deliver exceptional results. Our team of dedicated house painters is committed to guiding you through every facet of your exterior house painting endeavor. From providing insightful color consultations to conducting thorough final inspections, our comprehensive services ensure your project's success at every stage. With Painter1 of Salt Lake City, rest assured that your exterior will not only meet but exceed your expectations, leaving your home looking its absolute best.

Painter1 of Salt Lake City is your trusted partner when it comes to selecting the ideal coating for your deck, tailored to your unique style preferences and the condition of the wood. Whether you aspire to infuse your outdoor space with a sleek and modern ambiance through a variety of paint colors or wish to preserve the natural beauty of the wood with a stain that accentuates its grains, we have you covered.

Our team of skilled deck painting professionals employs only the most effective techniques in applying paint, stain, and sealant to not only enhance the deck's aesthetics but also extend its lifespan. For brand new decks, it's essential to apply paint, stain, or sealant promptly to prevent any unsightly deterioration. Even aging and weathered decks can be rejuvenated with regular applications of fresh paint or stains on an annual basis, breathing new life into your outdoor living area. Trust Painter1 of Salt Lake City to transform your deck into an inviting and long-lasting outdoor haven.

To kickstart the fence enhancement process, our seasoned team at Painter1 of Salt Lake City commences by thoroughly cleaning the surface of your fence, creating an optimal canvas for painting. Should your fence require any repairs, rest assured that we've got you covered.

We collaborate with you to select the most suitable coating for your fence's surface, tailoring our recommendations to align with your distinct style preferences and your wood's condition. Whether you aspire to craft diverse aesthetics through an array of paint colors or aim to preserve the wood's natural integrity by using a stain that accentuates its grain patterns, we offer versatile solutions that meet your needs. Our goal is to transform your fence, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

When it comes to repainting your carport or shed, Painter1 of Salt Lake City is your trusted partner in guiding you towards the most suitable course of action. Whether you're dealing with a metal carport or a wooden shed, our highly skilled professionals possess the expertise and equipment needed to handle various materials with precision. Rest assured that our team will assess your specific needs and ensure that the painting process aligns with the unique requirements of your carport or shed, guaranteeing a remarkable finish that stands the test of time.

Pressure and power washing, as a standalone service, offer a multitude of advantages to both homeowners and business proprietors. It serves as a vital preparatory step when readying an exterior surface for a fresh coat of paint by effectively removing loose paint. Beyond that, pressure and power washing prove instrumental in eliminating allergens like mold and mildew, thereby enhancing the overall cleanliness of exterior surfaces. This service efficiently rids your siding, deck, walkway, garage, patio, fences, or driveway of obstinate dirt, grime, mud, bird droppings, and unsightly stains, providing a level of cleanliness that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Attempting pressure or power washing on your own is not recommended, as it can swiftly spiral out of control and result in significant damage to your property if not executed correctly. Entrusting this task to a professional pressure washing company, such as Painter1 of Salt Lake City, ensures that the job is conducted with precision, utilizing the appropriate equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional results while safeguarding your property from any potential harm.

Brick, renowned for its exceptional durability and versatility in construction, has long been celebrated. Yet, the classic and vibrant red hue of brick has gradually drifted out of fashion. If you find yourself seeking assistance with painting a brick exterior, Painter1 of Salt Lake City is at your service! We embark on the transformation process by meticulously preparing your exterior through power washing and mold removal. Our skilled painters then take the reins, deftly applying a reliable primer and your chosen stain or color. The top-tier paint products we employ serve as a formidable shield, guarding your exterior against the perils of moisture, mold, mildew, and the harshest weather conditions.

Painter1 of Salt Lake City specializes in exterior garage and garage wall painting, offering a transformation that enhances your property's curb appeal. Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation, allowing us to tailor our services to your vision and preferences. We ensure meticulous preparation, protecting surrounding surfaces, trimming obstructing plants, and performing necessary repairs and power washing. Our experienced exterior house painters apply premium-quality paint with precision, delivering both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting protection. After completing the project, we handle all clean-up tasks and conduct a thorough inspection to meet our high standards.

Painter1 of Salt Lake City offers amazing communication.

Communication Priority Professionals

Your voice matters at Painter1, where innovative technology meets a commitment to your complete satisfaction. Your project is not just a job; it's a partnership, and we're with you, every brushstroke of the way! We believe that no question or comment is too small and we are committed to keeping the lines of communication wide open. Our dedication to unparalleled communication is proudly reflected in the rave reviews we've earned from our valued customers.

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Our years of painting experience guarantees we will get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

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A Painter1 painting the oustide of a grage door, choose Painter1 for your exterior house painters in Salt Lake City, UT.

Knowing When It's Time for Exterior Painting

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Is your home's exterior showing visible signs of wear and tear? Perhaps you've noticed paint chipping off surfaces or the unwelcome presence of mold and mildew. If these issues are becoming apparent, it's a surefire signal that it's time to enlist the services of professional exterior painters in Salt Lake City, UT. These experts can provide you with top-tier painting services that will rejuvenate and protect your home's exterior.

Selecting the Ideal Color

Once you've made the decision to refresh your exterior, the next exciting step is choosing the perfect color. At Painter1 of Salt Lake City, we aim to simplify this process for you. Our team includes dedicated color experts who are eager to assist you in selecting the ideal color. Whether you're aiming for a classic look or a bold statement, we'll ensure your choice complements your vision and space seamlessly. With Painter1 of Salt Lake City, you're not just getting a paint job; you're getting a transformation that reflects your unique style.

Painter1 prepping to paint a garage door, contact us today for the best exterior house painters in Salt Lake City, UT.

Scheduling with our Exterior House Painters in Salt Lake City, UT

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When it's time to revitalize the look of your home's exterior, Painter1, your trusted team of exterior house painters in Salt Lake City, UT, makes the process convenient and stress-free. We prioritize your schedule, ensuring our services fit seamlessly into your routine. Our licensed, insured, and background-checked experts guarantee a safe and professional experience throughout the project.

Preparing for a Fresh Look

Before our dedicated team of exterior house painters arrives, we kindly request a few simple preparations. To ensure our painters have unobstructed access to all exterior surfaces, please remove any decorations, light covers, and address numbers from your exterior walls. Trimming plants and shrubs that may hinder our work is essential. Plus, we'll start with a thorough power wash of your exterior to provide a clean canvas for your new paint.

Experience a Stunning Transformation

Painter1 takes pride in efficiency and professionalism. Once our exterior house painters have completed their work, we handle all the necessary clean-up. You'll be left with a beautifully refreshed exterior, ready to enjoy. Backed by stellar warranties, our local painters are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and experience top-quality exterior painting services that bring your vision to life. Whether you're considering staining your brick, power washing your deck, or revitalizing your fence, Painter1 is your go-to choice for exterior painting in Salt Lake City, UT. With Painter1 of Salt Lake City, you can trust that your home's exterior and interior will reflect your desires, delivering a finished result that surpasses expectations.

The Painter1 Promise

These are the values we instill within our company and strive to abide by every day:

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Cost-Efficient and Up-Front Pricing

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Communication Priority Professionals

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Highest Rated Service

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On-Time and On-Schedule

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Clean Work Areas

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Reliable Crew and Quality Work

Interior Painting Services in Salt Lake City

Renew your space. Renew your life.

Hear From Painter1 Customers

  • Russ Ingenbrandt
    I hired Painter1 to do some drywall repair and painting in an office space and they did a fantastic job! I received a quote within 24 hours of reaching out and the entire job was done within 7 days following my first contact! Definitely give them a shot if you need high quality work done quickly!
  • Joe Wickham
    Painter1 of Salt Lake City was great to work with! Daniel Mason in particular was very thorough with the initial quote, communicative, and understanding when project details changed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a residential painting company.
  • Cindy Koehler
    Really perfect job. Very experienced and dependable.I highly recommend Painter 1
  • Ruth Anderson
    I was very pleased with the work that was done by Nephi with Painter1 They were very professional, came when they said they would, did a great job of protecting everything and the paint looks beautiful. I would definitely recommend them and plan to use them again 👍🏻
  • Kevin Nagle
    Amazing painters! Daniel and Selene run a great crew of professionals. Eduardo and his wife are a great team, doing a perfect job of masking and prep, painting, and cleanup. We had all three levels of our house painted, and it only took a week to do everything. We loved their work so much, we had them come back to paint an additional room and apply a gloss coat to our stairs that we had painted a dark grey. Very courteous, efficient and fast!
  • diedre burton
    We had Painter1 paint our exterior siding, garage door, and patio doors. Our painter was Jonathan and he did a great job. He was professional, efficient, and very nice. He took pride in his work and wanted to please. Selene was an efficient project manager and kept us informed at every step. Daniel, the owner, was also good to work with. He was great answering all of our questions and giving us confidence in his team and guaranteeing their work. The cost was exactly as quoted. Glad we picked Painter1.
  • Jamal Saleh
    Excellent work!
  • Tish
    Painter 1 of Salt Lake City just completed our interior paint job we had them do for us. The job was flawless from the estimator Daniel, the Project Manager Selene and the actual painters Edwin and Jose. The job was done professionally and on time. My husband and I were completely satisfied with the job they did. Thanks for the beautiful work. We love our new painted interior! Cathy and Dan Festin
  • Kathryn Perkins
    We had a great experience with Painter1. We met with Daniel for our initial bid and being that we’ve never hired painters before we asked several questions and he was kind and considerate in answering all of our questions and allowing us to adjust our quote with adding rooms and doors etc. We set an appointment for a few weeks out and worked with Selene as our project manager. We were able to do a custom color which we were super happy with and loved the paint that they use. The entire time we were told that we could pick any color and any sheen we would like. Many places I called had limited options or were very specific about what they’d prefer. We had to miss a day due to extreme weather conditions but Eduardo and his crew more than made up for it working extra hours and completing the project ahead of schedule. We are so happy with the work that they did and are hoping to have them back in the early fall or next spring to do some exterior painting for us as well.
  • Matt Leesk
    Painter1 of Salt Lake City did a fantastic job with our interior paint. They worked diligently but didn’t rush. No mess. No sloppy edges. Everything looks great!
  • Sean McCaman
    The entire Painter1 team did an amazing job. I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was on time, responsive and detail oriented. My painter Pablo, checked all of his own work and fixed things that I didn't even notice. He was determined to do a great job and really made this a wonderful experience. Selene, the Painter1 project manager coordinated everything and gave me regular updates. This project included all the prep work for new baseboards, door casings and window trim. There were hundreds of nail holes that had to be filled and everything had to be caulked. The team went back through multiple times to make sure every nail hole was filled and every joint was caulked. I cannot say enough positive things about this group. Thank you Painter1 for such a wonderful experience.
  • kevin gull
    We used Painter1 for rebuild/restore of our basement after a pipe froze + burst this Winter. They were within our budget + found them to be very provisional + the quality of their work was very good, We would use them again.
  • donna petersen
    I appreciated their professionalism and they were pleasant to work with. Thanks!
  • Megan Moeai
    Super fast work, went above and beyond. Super thrilled with the results!
  • Amanda Kremer
    Everyone at Painter1 was wonderful! We had an excellent experience, from initial estimate to final walkthrough. They were prompt, efficient, and the work so thorough and attention to detail perfect. Thanks, we will be sure to call again when we need more painting work!
  • Dustin Olenslager
    Painter1 is the best! They made my so-so baseboard and trim work look like a pro did the work! The trim paint is super-smooth and beautiful. Their work and process are just spectacular!
  • Jon Ahlquist
    The overall experience was easy and pleasant. The representatives were up-front about every aspect of the project before, during, and after. The painters working on-site were courteous and professional. They took care to ensure everything was done properly per our instructions. The project was completed in a timely manner.
  • Susan Condie
    I can't say enough about how awesome Painter 1 was to work with! Our house looks amazing! They were so friendly, professional, thorough, and the quality of their work was superb! I would highly recommend them.
  • Dawnette Butterworth
    We recently used Painter1 to repaint the entire main floor of our house and they did a fantastic job. I especially appreciated the communication with Selene throughout the project and her responsiveness when I had questions. Diego was our painter and he was awesome. So easy to work with and did an absolutely beautiful job. My husband used to be a painter and is very hard to please and even he was very impressed. I would highly recommend them!
  • Danielle Smith
    Excellent company to work with! Very responsive and thorough job! Our outside stairs are wooden and in bad shape and now they look brand new! We will use Painter1 again.
  • Kortney Bagwell
    Painter1 just painted our home and we were very impressed. There were a few minor miscommunications but they were quickly and easily resolved and we were able to move forward with our project. They gave a fair estimate and for the quality of the work, it is worth the money. I would recommend using painter1 for all your painting needs!
  • Lynne Anne Longhurst
    I am so pleased with the paint job from Painter 1. Selene was so good to work with. She was very responsive to any questions or concerns I had. It is a beautifully finished product. I will definitely chose them again.
  • Maria Reyes
    Great job for reasonable price. Alex did a great job painting my kitchen/ main room ceiling in a single evening. I will definitely use them again for future painting projects!
  • Debbie Lucero
    The painter (Pablo) explained the prepping process prior to starting the project. He kept us informed daily of the painting status and what areas (rooms) he would be doing next. He was reliable, courteous, & respectful. He is an asset to your company!
  • Victor Diercksen
    Very professional and on schedule.
  • Shirley Ann Kohler
    Selena, our project manager, was great and helped with all our concerns. The crew was very professional, clean and competent. We are very happy with how our project turned out!
  • Kevin M
    The experience with Painter1 of SLC was so SMOOTH! They were quick to respond and get the estimator out, the price was so much better than their competitors. They scheduled me the week my house was ready to be painted! The project manager Selene came out with the painters and walked through the project with my wife and I. She kept us updated daily on our project, and the painters were so kind, prompt, and professional! I never thought a painting company would care so much about making sure we were happy with the outcome of our project! I'll be telling all my family and friends about them! Should you get them for all your painting needs? The answer is absolutely YES!
  • Steve Reid
    The process from start to finish was very professional. The bidding process went smoothly. Their price was the best price and the work was well defined and documented. There were no surprises. The project manager came on site to organize and ensure the desired work was performed. The workers were very thorough and respectful of the house and the environment. The site was kept clean and organized. During the walk through after the project was completed, there were some touch ups required and they were done the same day! The end result was extraordinary and I'm extremely satisfied. I would not hesitate to use Painter1 again or to refer them to my friends that have painting needs. I am one extremely satisfied customer!
  • Adrienne Murray
    I absolutely recommend Painter1 and I will continue to use them for future painting projects. They have now painted my entire basement (including doors, ceiling, trim), stairwell and kitchen (with skylight) and 2 exterior doors. When I began this project, I got a few bids prior to engaging them and Painter1 was competitive, flexible and responsive. Selene and Daniel were great to work with. The team did quality work in a timely manner. At the end of the project, they did a walk through with me and fixed any imperfections I pointed out. They even fixed dings that I did to the new paint while putting things back on the wall! Thank you for the great work!!
  • Lucas Osborne
    Daniel is terrific to work with, amazing person to do your painting on your home.
  • Timothy Mason
    Painter1; professional, responsive, customer-oriented, high quality.
  • Conrad Kolba
    Daniel and his team are amazing! They do a great job! I would, and do, recommend them everyone!
  • Jordan Meyer
    We compared several of the painting companies around town to do a complete Paint job on the inside of a new house that we purchased. We decided to go with Painters 1 because of their professionalism in the way the did the bid, and there honesty in the time line and completion of the product. Selene Walked us through the entire process and was genuinely invested in the completion and quality of the product just as much as we were. So we were able to trust that the result that we wanted was the result that we were going to get. We are incredibly happy with the product that we got, our house looks amazing and the quality that they did is next level! I highly recommend this company. Our neighbors across the street also painted their house at the same time and used a competing company. After the job was finished we had a conversation with them and even they noticed the difference in the quality, timeframe and completion of painters 1 as compared to the company that they decided to go with.
  • Richard Prime
    Eduardo did a beautiful job. Our house looks new again. Very Friendly and responsive. Selene was great with updates keeping us informed. She and the crew are very professional.
  • angie peck
    Painter1 did a great job in my home! They were on time, communicated well, and and made sure I was happy with everything before they left. I would definitely use them again!
  • Connorie Murray
    I worked with Eduardo and Selene, both of whom were amazing! They worked so hard to accommodate my schedule. I am so happy with how my kitchen cabinets turned out, they are absolutely gorgeous. Shout out to Eduardo who painted my projects all by himself! He did an amazing job and is a very kind gentleman. I will definitely be using this company when I find another painting job to do! Highly recommend.
  • Nicholas Krist
    This company did an excellent job with the interior painting and the exterior garage door paint job. The gentleman sent out we motivated and professional. I would highly recommend this company to any and all looking for a quality paint job at an affordable price point. If I had anything negative to says it would be trying to communicate with the company through their business line instead of a direct number to the project manager. The project manager did give a number to be reached at which help solve that issue during business hours. Overall great company and great people.
  • Tin Bahr
    We highly recommend painter1 of Salt Lake City. I can't say enough good about our experience.
  • Tristyn Lambert
    I have used Painter1 two times now. I will NEVER go anywhere else. They professional, detailed, caring, respectful, friendly, dependable and HARD WORKING!!! I talked with Selene several times with questions. She was ALWAYS VERY HAPPY YO HELP!!! The painters were AMAZING!!! DONT take the time looking around like I did. Just use Painter1 and you WONT REGRET IT!!! 🙌🏽😃A+++++
  • Tim Huhtala
    They were professional, on time, and on budget. It was easy working with this team. Should you? Yes, you should.
  • Elizabeth S
    Although Painter1 was considerably more than the next highest bid, we were willing to pay that for their attention to detail and professionalism. We had confidence in them from the beginning. They were willing to make modifications to their form contract and do the extra follow up that I requested. The personnel I dealt with were pleasant and professional. Seline, project manager, was on top of the details and Pablo, the head painter, was amazing.
  • luda Cooke
    Would use them again on our next paint project. Once they finished, there were a lot of touch ups that needed to be done. They were amazing at fixing every single one of them, but it would have been nice if it wasn’t so rushed the first time around. Selene was amazing at communicating and making sure we were 100% satisfied. They were also able to start painting next day!
  • Jerry Renshaw
    Painting an old house of wood and foundation plus windowsills, doors, white, lamp post, chimney, eves...all done on time with amazing positive results, sometimes from sunup until sundown. Amazing painters, with unusual painting skills. I am completely satisfied with their work and all employees of Painter1 with whom I came in contact.
  • Edith Parr
    We were very impressed with Painter1 from our first contact to the final walk through. They were quick to respond and very accommodating to our needs and very reliable. We were very pleased with our service and quality of work. We would recommend them to everyone!
  • Jim Ingle
    Very fast and efficient team. My house turned out beautiful. Cameron was great to work with. Would recommend them for any painting job.
  • Nate Blevins
    Eduardo and Nephi Were amazing! They worked really hard, stayed late to help us reach our finish time and always did great quality work. They were very nice and always willing to go with the flow with so many contractors in our house at the same time.
  • Nicole Goring
    We had a great experience using Painter1 to pain the interior of our home. They were competitive in their pricing and were able to fit our job in sooner than any of the other companies we called for quotes. They estimated 3-4 days for the job but were able to get in done in two days and it looks fantastic. They were also thorough with their masking and clean up. We would definitely recommend them.
  • Carla Orton
    They are safe to use .
  • Ronald C Woerner
    A big Thank You to the Painter1 of Salt Lake City team of Sydney, Cameron, Daniel and our painter Angel. I have been trying to get our house trim & garage doors painted for the last year. On three separate occasions I had a company come out and quote the project. All three times I let them know I wanted to proceed only to have my calls, texts, or messages ignored. Luckily a neighbor recommended I try reaching out to Painter1. From the initial call, to meeting with the estimator, the project manager and my conversations with our painter Angel, this has been a seamless process. Both my wife and I are so pleased how the work turned out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Painter1 of Salt Lake City. They were prompt, professional and never made us feel like our project was a waste of their time like the other companies before. Angel had not completed the job more than an hour or two before Sydney was following-up to make sure I hadn't missed anything on my walkthrough with him or if we found anything that needed a touch-up. If you are looking to make an upgrade to your home trim & garages or want to paint your whole home, I highly recommend reaching out to Painter1 of Salt Lake. What a relaxing experience.
  • A Avalos
    This company gave me a estimate that was lower than 4 other companies that came to my home. Also, they give a 2 year warranty. Nobody else that came to my home offered that. They also finished the job when they said they would! Angel was very kind. Juliana was great. There were a few times that I would call the main number and it would go straight to voicemail. After, emailing a couple of people I got a call back the same day. 👍🏽
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