Why Fall is a Great Time to Paint Your Home - Salt Lake City

Posted on Sep 26th 2019


Why Fall is a Great Time to Paint Your Home - Salt Lake City

If you’ve been considering painting your home’s exterior, the biggest question on your mind might revolve around when exactly you should take the leap. You want to paint at a time that’s both suitable for the paint to dry and that works well with your schedule. Here are some reasons to consider fall for your exterior painting job, brought to you by our professional painting services in Salt Lake City.

Weather is Mild

Weather is perhaps the most important factor to take into consideration during exterior painting. Paint is sensitive to temperature, so both extreme heat and cold (as well as high levels of moisture in the air) can keep it from drying or settling properly. Because of this, early fall tends to be a safe time for exterior painting. It tends to be a sort of sweet spot with mild temperatures between the heat of summer and snowy winters with low expectations of wind or rain.

The Kids Are Back in School

For homeowners with children, fall is an especially convenient time for exterior painting because the kids will finally be back in school. Because exterior painting typically needs to be done during the day for optimal visibility, it can be a challenge in the summertime to keep your kids away from the activity. Fall days allow for more a more navigable schedule. With no kids playing outside to supervise and fewer toys left strewn underfoot, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of your kids disturbing the painting crew and their equipment as they prep, paint, and clean.

Fewer Pests

As the temperature cools, food, water, and shelter become increasingly scarce for pests to find outdoors. For the sake of exterior painting, this is actually good news. Flies, wasps, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and other pests can be a huge nuisance for painters as they maneuver around your home, especially if they have to get behind bushes or trees to reach some spots. In fall weather, the chances of them getting bitten, stung, or otherwise disrupted by pests are significantly lower.

Easy Cleanup

Pests aren’t the only ones who retreat indoors during cool weather. Once fall gets into motion outdoor activities quickly peter out, making an exterior paint job much easier to manage. Cleanup will be easier with less to clear away and a lower chance of interrupting outdoor plans with painting.

A professional painting contractor can paint the exterior of your home during most times of the year, but there are certainly more convenient times for both the painting crew and the painting process itself. Instead of choosing the middle of summer or the cusp of winter for your exterior painting project, it might be wisest to wait for a more agreeable time in the early fall.

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