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Hotel Painting Contractors in Orlando

Your hotel or B&B’s appearance can significantly affect your customers' impression of your company. Water stains under your windows, paint chipping from the walls or the roof? Is the interior paint dull or scuffed? Or do you have a new build that needs a clean coat of paint? If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time for a professional paint job.

Painter1 has hotel painting contractors in Orlando to fulfill any of your professional painting needs. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next painting project.

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Decades of Expertise

A new coat of paint on your business exterior or interior can make a huge difference in making a space feel bright and fresh. With more than two decades of experience, Painter1 takes pride in providing high-quality hospitality painting services that are on budget, on schedule and hassle-free.

The professional painters at Painter1 work quietly and maintain a clean working area to not disturb guests and the flow of your hospitality business, which we know is very meaningful to you as the business owner.

Throughout the painting process, you will have one person who stays in contact with you and updates you on the project’s progress the whole time, ensuring you feel supported and informed from beginning to end. We know your hotel or B&B is important to you, so we do everything we can to take care of you and the project.

Commercial painting project with Painter1.
A Painter1 professional painting a wall a light blue.

Hotel Painting Contractors in Orlando

The Painter1 hotel painting contractors in Orlando work hard to meet your painting needs, so you can feel confident hiring us for your next project. We specialize in hotel renovation painting services, hotel maintenance painting, and new hotel construction painting. Everyone on our crews are reliable, trustworthy and licensed to ensure the utmost professionality in your hotel or B&B.

Renovating a hotel is a massive project and can be overwhelming. The professionals at Painter1 are ready to take care of everything, so you don't have to. From picking colors, renovation suggestions, price quotes and everything from setting up to cleaning up, we will be sure to manage everything. You can trust the project will get done right and efficiently.

Sometimes your hospitality business just needs a few touch ups. We take care of scuffs, chipped paint and protective coatings or sealants. Even the little things should be done by a professional to ensure it turns out perfectly.

Painter1 is the way to go if you have a large commercial paint job, like painting the interior or exterior of your newly constructed hotel. Our professional crews are well-equipped to handle large jobs like entire interior and exterior painting. They will take care of everything so you can put your energy into other important things.

Here are some of the other painting services we provide for hotels and hospitality businesses:

  • Interior walls, floors and ceiling painting
  • Exterior weatherproofing
  • Decorative and stained floor coatings
  • Deck painting and staining
  • Parking lot striping

For additional hospitality services, call your local Painter1 experts in Orlando.

This cozy hotel room was painted by Painter1's hotel painting contractors in Orlando.

Our years of painting experience guarantees we will get the job done right, in a timely manner, and on budget!

At Painter1 of Orlando we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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At Painter1 of Orlando we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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This professional at Painter1 takes care of the detailing around a door - contact us for the precise services your business needs.

Why Hospitality Paint Jobs Need a Professional

Painting your hospitality business is not like a DIY paint project for your home. The standard for perfection is higher within a place of business, and you may not be able to achieve that on your own.

We recommend hiring our hotel painting contractors in Orlando, so you can avoid the additional stress and time of doing a painting project yourself. If something goes wrong or something unplanned happens, you’ll wish you hired a professional to handle it all. The experts at Painter1 will get your job done right, on time, and on budget.

Affordable and Up-Front Hospitality Painting

Painter1 knows how important budget is, especially regarding your business. We are proud to offer up-front pricing, so you know exactly how much the project will cost with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. We are so confident in our commercial painting abilities that we 100% guarantee your satisfaction with our high-quality work.

Hire for your next hotel painting project, and feel confident knowing it will get done right and for a great price. Schedule your estimate today!

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Johannes and his crew did a great job! He came out and gave me a free estimate within a day of me contacting him and they scheduled the work to be done within a few days. I am extremely happy with the job they did and am planning to use them again soon.
— pam lamb
Posted November 19th 2022
We hired Painter1 in Orlando to complete an exterior paint job in several of our rental properties near Kissimmee, FL. The company exceeded our expectations as they were professional, efficient, fast, and great for the budget we planned. We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company if you are anywhere near the Orlando area. This is a great business to deal with.
— David Rivero
Posted November 8th 2022
I hire painter1 to paint the whole interior of my house, and I have zero regrets or complaints. Very professional company and work. Johannes has a great customer service and he was very helpful when I needed help or knowledge of what I need as in materials and quantity of supplies to perform the job. Word was done within timeframe . I recommend this company 100%.
— santiago cadena mesa
Posted November 7th 2022
I can't recommend Painter1 enough, they did an absolutely superb job on painting the exterior of my house. Johannes and Maria were professional, caring and understanding to the time restraints that I needed the job doing within; nothing was too much trouble for them with customer care being a priority. A reliable and quality service. I will definitely be recommending them and using their services in the future.
— Joanne Thornton
Posted November 5th 2022
I highly recommend this company 100%; hands down! They were working in my house and I don’t have nothing bad to say. Johannes and Maria were very professionals on each detail I wanted in the interior of my house; taking my expectations to another level. I can tell each material they used is high quality standards . You won’t regret to contact Painter1. And for last and not least they completed the job right on time, no delays, no hard times given at all.
— Luis Quilote
Posted November 2nd 2022
I had Painter1 of Orlando do my exterior in a property I have in Winter Garden, and I was very happy. I was able to trust the team even though I was fully remote, and I was very happy with the job done and the communication they had with my team.
— Amber Christiansen
Posted October 31st 2022
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