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Ron is very professional and knowledgeable I truly appreciated him taking the time to consult with me
— Atlanta Hotshot Trucking LLC
Posted August 11th 2020
Very pleased with the work done. It only took 3 days to paint the exterior of my house and the ceilings of 2 rooms inside. They cleaned up after every day and acted professional the entire time.
— Tony Knapp
Posted August 10th 2020
Great communication and good value for money.
— Annette Van Hal
Posted July 28th 2020
Ron and his team at Painter1 did a fantastic job with our painting project. Ron was quick to respond to our request, provided professional customer service and quality advice on what we needed to help get our home show ready. His team totally transformed our home into a clean, polished, and totally beautiful home that we absolutely love!! Ron has your best interest in mind with his proposals, has a top quality painting team working for him, and follows thru on his commitments. If you need to sell your home, or are just needing a fresh look, look no further, contact Ron Goodnow at Painter1 and you’ll be completely satisfied!!! George ONeil
— George ONeil
Posted July 17th 2020
Ron and his team at Painter1 were absolutely fantastic!! Definitely would recommend them !!
— George O.
Posted July 17th 2020
Home Advisor
good guy, quick response. I'll use him in the future
— Steve Vining
Posted June 22nd 2020
Ron Goodnow and his crew were excellent to deal with. Always on time and ready to work. The job they did was fantastic. I would definitely recommend Painters1 to anyone who likes personalized service and attention to detail.
— Debbie Canavino
Posted June 19th 2020
Working with Ron and his crew was great.I had my almost 1400 sq ft condo painted. Every door, wall and every bit of crown molding was painted perfect. I am very grateful to have dealt with such a great team.
— Debra C.
Posted June 19th 2020
Home Advisor
Ron & his crew were fantastic! Ron gave us a honest & thorough quote, which came in higher than a second company's quote. I went back to Ron, and instead of coming down on his quote, he explained that his crews were highly skilled craftsman who provide high quality work. After much consideration, Painter 1 got the job, and what a job it was! Our home is 22 years old and has never had anything done to the exterior. Ron's crew was prompt, incredibly thorough, and fast! I recommend Painter 1 to anyone who wants a quality paint that will renew the look of your home.
— Debbie B.
Posted June 14th 2020
Home Advisor
We hired Painter1 after two weeks of looking at various painters. We were not disappointed! They hit on all marks from quoting the job, executing, and following up. The crew was top notch. Very professional, courteous, and efficient. The end result is superb, and I would recommend Painter1 to anyone who asked!
— Will Bruner
Posted June 3rd 2020
We chose to go with Painter1 after looking at other options over a two week period. Ron was very professional and affable and had no hidden details in his work scope. We presented his crew with a home that had not been painted or cleaned since 1998, and they crushed it. The crew was excellent, professional, clean, and efficient. Got the house done in two days. I will definitely push Painter1 if anybody asks me for a recommendation!
— Will B.
Posted June 3rd 2020
Home Advisor
Very professional-very helpful! Great crew of painters-considerate and answered questions. I would highly recommend!!!
— Lori F.
Posted May 31st 2020
Home Advisor
Ron Goodnow was very professional and knowledgeable and responsive to all our questions.
— Jacobey Simmons
Posted May 4th 2020
— Kris S.
Posted April 11th 2020
Home Advisor
Very professional from beginning to end! The crew started on a Monday and they were complete Wednesday afternoon. We are more than pleased with the results and will hire them again for future work! Thanks Ron!!
— Lynn B.
Posted April 11th 2020
Home Advisor
My whole house paint job was predicated on my finding someone to repair deteriorating exterior staircases. Ron was willing to discuss the project himself as he had experience; imagination and expertise to do the job. I am extremely pleased with the final one else was willing or capable to offer this service!!! THANKS!!
— Oneal S.
Posted April 9th 2020
Home Advisor
The crew was reliable and efficient . They were pros.
— Robert B.
Posted April 7th 2020
Home Advisor
We asked Ron for advice on our house exterior paint renovation and he was very helpful, came on time and delivered good advice. Unfortunately, we had made progress with a competitor we decided to work with for their multiple areas of expertise (our house is old and needed carpenters and gutters' specialists). I recomment Ron and Painter1 for your painting projects. Very responsive and reliable person he is.
— christophe Choquart
Posted February 28th 2020
Great experience with large project. Exceptional customer service and quality work. We'd highly recommend Painter1.
— Bob D.
Posted February 23rd 2020
Home Advisor
Was provided a reasonable quote and Ron walked through the job with us several times. He provided professional expertise on colors, although we changed our minds several times. Ron was very friendly and helpful throughout the 4 day process. In fact I can't say enough in regards to that. His crew arrived at exactly 9 AM and worked through 6 or 6:30 and left for the house clean (we are living in it and project was basically the entire house). The work crew was very professional and we noticed that extra coats were applied where required without us asking. We highly recommend Paint1 if you want a professional job without having to micromanage the process.
— Robert Davis
Posted February 23rd 2020