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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or you’ve slowly been upgrading different spaces in your house, you may be asking yourself whether it’s time to paint your bathroom. Here’s how to know it’s time to paint your bathroom, and why you should trust Painter1 with the job.

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Signs it’s Time to Paint Your Bathroom

If you’ve been going back and forth about painting your bathroom, or it hasn’t crossed your mind, consider the reasons it may be time to do so:

  • The color doesn’t match the rest of the house. Maybe you recently renovated other rooms in your home but deprioritized the bathroom to save costs. That’s a valid choice! Instead of a pricey complete renovation, opt for a great paint job to give the room an instant facelift.
  • The paint is flaking or peeling. This is a sign that the paint is either too old or too low-quality to withstand the unique demands of bathroom paint. This looks unpleasant and can cause serious issues down the line due to moisture buildup on your drywall.
  • Discoloration. Fading paint is a sure sign that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint!
  • Mold. If you can see mold on your bathroom walls, a thorough cleaning and painting project is in order.
  • Your tastes have changed. It’s entirely reasonable to undertake a painting project simply because you don’t like the colors of your bathroom walls anymore! Maybe the color is throwing off the lighting and making it difficult to do your makeup, or the color suddenly makes you anxious. Maybe you walked into a friend’s bathroom and realized you want your bathroom to be that color! Whatever the reason behind your change of heart, upgrading your bathroom paint to fit your style can help boost your mood each day and improve your everyday life.

At Painter1, we understand the importance of high-quality paint and wanting a personal space like a bathroom to reflect your style. We’ll work with you to find the right color and paint for the job!

Painter1 offers the best professional bathroom painting in Lakeland / Kissimmee.

The Painter1 of Central Florida Promise

Below are the values we instill within our company and strive to abide by every day.

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Our years of painting experience guarantees we will get the job done right, in a timely manner, and on budget!

At Painter1 of Central Florida we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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At Painter1 of Central Florida we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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Special Considerations for Bathroom Painting

Even if you’ve completed plenty of DIY painting jobs in your living room or bedrooms, it’s important to understand that painting a bathroom requires a few special considerations. First, bathrooms generally need to withstand much more moisture than any other room in the house. From steamy showers to long, hot baths, normal bathroom activities mean that every wall and surface in the space will need to hold up in the face of high water content in the air.

Additionally, bathroom walls see more frequent contact than the walls in many other rooms. Because many bathrooms are smaller spaces, it’s more likely that people will bump up against the walls or touch surfaces, compared to a more spread-out layout like a living room. Because it’s a high-touch area and requires more frequent cleaning, applying bathroom paint requires a higher level of expertise than other rooms in the home might.

Frequent scrubbing, higher moisture, additional bacteria, special surfaces, and challenging configurations make bathroom painting a unique home improvement project that is best left to the professionals.

Hiring the Best Bathroom Painting Professionals

For a high-quality, luxury service at a reasonable price, work with Painter1 on your bathroom painting project. With five-star customer service and tried and true processes designed to bring out the best in your home, Painter1 provides the thoughtful, detail-oriented, long-lasting service your home deserves. Schedule your free estimate today!

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Painter1 is the best professional bathroom painting in Lakeland / Kissimmee.

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Mike showed up on time to quote my project, gave a fair price, and completed the project quick and professionally. Will be using this service on my next project as well. Highly recommend.
— justin porro
Posted June 3rd 2023
Mike come to my place and match the paint color and fixed some drywall problems and make my life super easy.
— khalid elbadri
Posted June 2nd 2023
Came out quickly to give an estimate, emails fully explained estimate, answered all questions easily, responds to calls/emails in an hr, came out on time for job, introduced workers, job completed in stated time frame, came to walk through completed work with me to assure my satisfaction. Very professional company.
— G “Myrtle” A
Posted June 2nd 2023
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