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Picking the Right Neutral Paint Color

Posted on Nov 8th 2021


Picking the Right Neutral Paint Color

Fresh paint can brighten up any room and completely transform the mood. And when it comes to choosing a paint color, many people choose to paint their walls a neutral color.

There are several reasons why people choose neutral paint colors. Neutrals are incredibly versatile and can easily complement any furniture style, decor, fabrics and other room amenities. So whether you spotlight furnishings and other accessories or create a sense of serenity, the task of picking the right neutral paint color is not always that easy.

The Importance of Undertones

Neutral does not merely refer to white, grey, or brown colors. In interior design, neutral refers to light to medium colors that work nicely with other tones. This means that most neutral paint colors have different colored undertones such as grey, blue, green, yellow, violet, and brown. You have to be especially careful when picking neutral-tone paints, as not all neutrals will be compatible with other colors in your home palette.

The last thing you want to do if you dislike the color yellow is to pick a neutral paint color with a yellow undertone. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make while choosing a neutral color palette for their home. But no worries! Your friends at Painter1 in Lago Vista are here to help you avoid this classic mistake. Before anything, you have to ask yourself, "Do I want a cool neutral paint color or a warm neutral paint color?" With that being said, keep in mind cool neutrals have blue and green undertones a while warm neutrals have brown, red, yellow, and orange undertones.

If your aesthetic leans towards red and wood tones, you should go in the direction of warm neutrals. And on the other hand, if your interior decor embodies light woods and whites materials, go for the cool neutrals. You should also consider your lighting situation, the colors in your home you want to highlight or downplay, as well as the colors in your home you cannot change easily.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Neutral

You'll want to start the journey off by gathering a few samples and testing to see which neutral color you like best. When choosing neutral paint colors for your home, there's one easy tip that makes it easy to see which undertone the neutral has. Look at the darkest shade on the paint swatch. This is where the color is most apparent and will highlight the undertone most clearly, even in the lightest shades. Using the darkest color on the swatch will allow you to see the genuine base of the paint.

Current Trend in Neutrals

Lake Placid by Benjamin Moore

A calming and beautiful blue, Benjamin Moore's Lake Placid is a great mid-tone blue that is cheery yet unsaturated. This tranquil blue looks great on accent furniture or the walls of a guest bedroom.

Painter1 of Lago Vista - Light Blue Interior Paint
Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful neutral gray with warm undertones. It is warmer than most grays, pairs well with beiges and warm hues, and is exceptionally versatile. This color can work in a number of rooms and pairs with many finishes, flooring, and textures.

Painter1 of Lago Vista - Light 
Gray Interior Paint
Apple Sauce Cake by PPG

A soft, golden yellow with almond undertones, Apple Sauce Cake, is a rich and inspiring neutral paint color. Pair this color with honeyed or darkened woods and glamorized accessories for a beautiful environment.

Painter1 of Lago Vista - Interior Paint
One Horn White by Magnolia Home

Like a blank canvas, white walls make for an excellent foundation that can be enhanced with textures, colors, and patterns. One Horn White is a warm crisp white with light beige and warm undertones.

Painter1 of Lago Vista - Light Beige Interior Paint
Peignoir by Farrow & Ball

With subtle hints of Champagne, Farrow & Ball's Peignoir is an incredibly flattering neutral paint color. The gray undertones of this blush provide a unique depth that brings walls to life.

Painter1 of Lago Vista - Champagne Pink Interior Paint
Quaint Cottage by Magnolia

Magnolia's Quaint Cottage is a cloudy hazel mixed with oatmeal beige. This color looks excellent painted over brick walls, dining rooms and entryways. The green undertones in this shade make it read as a warmer neutral, perfect for pairing with caramel accents.

Painter1 of Lago Vista - Slate Grey Interior Paint