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These Paint Colors Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Posted on Jan 10th 2022


These Paint Colors Will Be Everywhere in 2022

After a year filled with so much turmoil, a new year signals fresh starts and an opportunity for improvement. What better way to bring this refreshing mindset into your home than with a brand new coat of paint? Here are a few paint colors that we predict will be everywhere in 2022.

Sage Green

Green is the color of growth and rejuvenation, making it the perfect color to represent your new beginnings this year. Sage green is a gentle, sophisticated shade that can transform a room into a space of relaxation and innovation. Pair it with other earthy tones to accentuate the shade’s sense of tranquility, or use it to make a subtle statement as a trim color for white walls.

Sage green interior painting color - Painter1 in Lago Vista.


Though yellow has a reputation for being overwhelming and outdated, this soft and buttery shade turns that tired notion on its head. Citron can make a room feel like it's bathed in sunshine, and it pairs beautifully with earthy tones such as olive green or chocolate brown. It gives a sense of warmth and joy to any room, whether you use it as an accent wall or as the set piece for the room’s palette.

Citron interior accent wall - Painter1 in Lago Vista.


Bursting with creativity and whimsy, periwinkle is the perfect bold shade to ring in the new year with. Paired with neutrals it serves as a sparkling splash of personality while creating a relaxing environment, and it can bring a sense of dimension to a room when used with various fabric textures or darker hues such as navy blue or emerald green. The most stunning aspect of this shade is its versatility - don’t be afraid to play around with it on accent walls or as a base color for any room!

Periwinkle interior painting trends - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Sky Blue

As you continue to spend more time at home, choosing a color for your space that is both calming and inspiring is essential. Sky blue is a gorgeous shade that brings balance to any space, whether you choose it to create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or to encourage productivity in an office. It is especially flexible as it can be paired with both cool and warm shades, though you can make this shade pop if used with neutral tones and natural wood.

Sky blue painting trends - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Sea Glass Green

While we’ve already seen a green shade on this list, sea glass green stands out as a more playful option. If you’re looking for a paint color to bring a sense of cheer into your home, this airy green is a stunning yet subtle option. In a room of clean, bright white it can be used as a flexible accent color, especially if painted on cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom. It can easily adapt to coastal, modern, and vintage styles, allowing it to fit into whatever you choose as your style.

Sea glass green interior painting - Painter1 in Lago Vista.


Though this list contains an abundance of lighter tones, a unique paint color trend forecast for the upcoming year is the use of bold, almost black shades instead of traditional black. Aubergine is a rich dark tone that adds a sense of class and elegance to a space, whether it’s used as a base color or as an accent. Try pairing it with neutral tones to make this color the centerpiece of the design, or pair it with other deep tones to make your space feel decadent and dynamic.

Dark purple interior painting - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

There's no doubt that 2022 will be a year of inspiring color choices in interior design. It's a chance for you to experiment with shades that are both refreshing and relaxing. A new year signals a new start, so don't be afraid to take advantage of this opportunity and play with a fresh paint color in your home.

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