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Historical Paint Colors That Are Popular Again

Posted on Jan 13th 2022


Historical Paint Colors That Are Popular Again

At Painter1 in Lago Vista, we take pride in knowing what will look best for your home. Whether you are just looking for an expert opinion or need a professional job done, you can count on us.

Painter1 in Lago Vista specializes in residential and commercial painting services. Our two-year warranty takes the risk out of choosing a paint color, and our professionals can also help you with paint selection. Our before and after gallery will show you how easy it is to transform your space into something brand new!

Whether your paint needs a touch-up or you’re looking for something bold and different, Painter1 in Lago Vista is happy to help. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular paint colors throughout history as inspiration for your own home.


Brands are seeing more interest in yellows and golds this year, but mustard’s popularity can be traced to the 1700s when Thomas Jefferson painted his dining room in this bright, exciting shade.

Mustard was also famous in the 1970s. Yellows can instantly brighten your mood, so they are a great choice to make your living space a comfortable, happy sanctuary.

Mustard interior painting color - Painter1 in Lago Vista.


While some people shy away from dark colors, navy is a bold choice from the 1920s making a comeback. Dark colors may seem scary, but they instantly add elegance and drama to your space.

When paired with white furniture or coastal décor, navy blue makes a statement and goes well with metallics, marble and other luxurious finishings.

Navy interior accent wall - Painter1 in Lago Vista.


Pink was considered a color of the year in 2020, and it is easy to see why. This soft and somewhat neutral color is inviting without being too dull. This call back to the famous 1950s pink bathroom tile is now a popular paint shade, whether in your bedroom or living room.

Soft pinks are an excellent choice for a more traditional style, as it goes well with antique and classic furnishings.

Pink interior painting trends - Painter1 in Lago Vista.


Once abundant in the 1980s, this purple color ignites interest in your space. It is elegant and classy while not being too bland. Mauve is an excellent shade for dark and light furniture and goes exceptionally well with wooden pieces.

Earth tones have seen an increase in popularity, and while this is not exactly an earth tone, it complements browns and beiges extremely well.

Mauve painting trends - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

French Gray

Gray is an excellent choice in paint color because it is not too dark or light. It can be paired with any home décor choice and looks good with traditional and modern furniture.

This neutral is an obvious choice for elevated kitchens, timeless bedrooms and even exteriors. Gray has never gone out of style, so you can’t go wrong with choosing it for your home!

French gray interior painting - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Find The Perfect Color At Painter1 in Lago Vista!

Other timeless colors include red, pale green, dove or extra white.

While red is a uniquely bold choice, it warms up any room. Pale green makes any space feel natural, clean and spacious. Dove white is simple, classy, and works with any furniture and decoration style.

Whatever your preference may be, Painter1 in Lago Vista can make your vision come to life at an affordable price. At Painter1 in Lago Vista, we take the guesswork out of painting. Our dependable professionals have experience painting any room, from the bedroom to the game room.

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