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How To Coordinate Wallpaper And Paint

Posted on Jan 13th 2022


How To Coordinate Wallpaper And Paint

Home is the space to express yourself and decorate as you please. Adding wallpaper and paint adds personality to any room. Painter1 in Lago Vista is here to make paint selection and interior painting a breeze. We specialize in commercial and residential painting, with contractors throughout the U.S. to assist you in your design and home renovation projects.

Learn more about how you can make your wallpaper and paint choices complement each other and create the space of your dreams!

Consider Lighting

Before you bring our expert team of painters in to paint your home, consider your space and how much light each room receives.

Rooms with natural light can get away with darker wallpapers and paint colors, while rooms with less natural light will benefit from a lighter color to make the room feel spacious and welcoming.

Consider lighting with interior painting color - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Neutral Tones

Using a neutral paint shade means avoiding the headache of matching paint colors to wallpaper designs. Whites, tans and grays are great options that mix well with exciting wallpapers.

With this design technique, wallpaper becomes the focal point of the room. If you want to make a statement, choosing the perfect wallpaper is essential!

Consider neutral tones for paint on interior accent walls - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Match Your Paint To An Accent Color

Take an accent color from your wallpaper to become the remainder of the room’s paint color! It’s a fantastic way to turn the room into a trendy space. If you use a dark color, the overall look will be dramatic and elegant. A lighter color will make the room cheerful, cute and inviting. Your eye for detail will really make an impact with this matching technique.

Take a color from you wallpaper for an accent wall for paint - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Floral Paper And Pastels

Florals are timeless, and the options range from antique and classic to vibrant and tropical designs. Pairing floral wallpaper with a soft pastel paint color elevates the elegance and class of the room.

Similarly, a subtle wallpaper paired with a soft white or light pink really adds to the elegance of your space. If you want to transform your living room or bedroom into a calm space, pastels and light shades are the best ways to create a sense of peace.

Floral and pastels are great wallpapers to create a sense of peace - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

Mix Color And Pattern

The opportunities to mix and match wallpaper and paint are endless. The key is to choose interesting textures and patterns that create a sense of movement in the room. You don’t want the wallpaper and paint to be the same color: break up the space with wallpaper in one corner and a statement color in another.

Design experts suggest pairing neutral taupe and beiges with bold colors like red, yellow, navy blue, or teal. Not sure what paint color to pick? Choose from one of the “5 Historical Paint Colors That Are Popular Again.” Our experts at Painter1 selected a list of some of the most popular colors to choose for your living space based on what has been used over time. Bold colors are popular, but a bold wallpaper is even more on-trend.

Bold wallpaper choices like animal print, tropical, or Art Deco are popular for customers who want to show off their eye for design and make their space unique. Nothing is too unusual for our team of painters, and we love to see the ideas that you come up with.

Mix and match with interior painting - Painter1 in Lago Vista.

At Painter1 in Lago Vista, we know that matching wallpaper and paint colors can be a hassle. Luckily, our team of painting experts makes every part of the job seamless and enjoyable. We are dedicated to making your vision come to life. If you and your family are not on the same page about room design, let our experts find a balance between subtle and bold that works for everyone. Our paint selection services allow customers to pick custom colors that everyone will love.

Painter1 in Lago Vista is also happy to offer services such as exterior home painting, fence and deck painting, and popcorn ceiling removal for a complete home transformation.

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