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Painter1 of Fayetteville has 20 years of experience in the painting industry. Our expert painters handle both residential and commercial projects. With our exterior painting services, we renew your space and renew your life. For as long as we’ve been in the industry, we know a thing or two about how incredible transformations can happen with just a fresh coat of paint. Above-and-beyond quality is our standard.

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What We Can Do For You

Our belief is founded on paint's powerful impact on mood, perception, and our emotions. When searching for exterior painters near you in Fayetteville, our quality professional services are a call or click away with Painter1 of Fayetteville!

We know how important boosting curb appeal is because nothing says more about your home than its exterior. So whether you’re keeping up with your HOA guidelines or just looking for a fresh new look, Painter1 of Fayetteville can do the job. We have a dedicated team of house painters that will work with you through every step of your exterior house painting project. Everything from color consultation to the final inspection, we’ve got you covered.

Painter1 of Fayetteville is here to help you choose the best coating for your deck based on your sense of style and the state of the wood. We can create a sleek modern feel with different paint colors, or even retain the integrity of the wood with a stain that brings out the natural grains. Our skilled deck painting professionals will only use the best techniques to apply paint, stain, and seal to maximize the life and beauty of your deck. To prevent any unsightly metamorphoses of decay, new decks should be painted, stained, or sealed as soon as possible to prevent damage. Even old ratty decks can be brought back to life with fresh coats of paint or stains on a yearly basis.

First, our Painter1 of Fayetteville professionals will clean the surface of your fence, to ensure the best working and painting conditions. We will take care of any repairs your fence may need, too. Painter1 of Fayetteville will help you choose the best coating for your fence's surface based on your overall style and the condition of your wood. We can create all sorts of styles with a variety of paint colors or retain the integrity of the wood with a stain that brings out the grain in the wood.

Painter1 of Fayetteville will be able to help you determine the best course of action when you’re looking to repaint your carport or shed. A metal carport will need to be treated very differently from a wood carport, but you can rest easy as our Painter1 of Fayetteville professionals are trained and equipped to deal with all sorts of material.

As a stand-alone service, pressure and power washing have endless advantages for home and business owners. It removes loose paint, which is important when preparing an exterior surface for a new paint job. Pressure and power washing can also clean exterior surfaces of allergens such as mold and mildew. This service removes stubborn dirt, grime, mud, bird droppings, and stains from your siding, deck, walkway, garage, patio, fences, or driveway that couldn't be removed otherwise.

Pressure or power washing your home or business yourself is not advisable. It is a task that can easily get out of hand and cause significant damage to your home if not done correctly. A professional pressure washing company, such as Painter1 of Fayetteville, is qualified and fully equipped to do the job.

Brick is a wonderfully durable and versatile building material. The bright red hue of brick, however, has slowly faded out of style. So if you're looking for help painting a brick exterior, Painter1 of Fayetteville is here to help! We prep your exterior with power washing and mold removal. Our painters expertly apply primer and your selected stain or color. The high-quality paint products we use will protect your exterior from moisture, mold, mildew, and harsh weather.

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How Do You Know When It's Time?

Take a look at your exterior...does it look a little worse for wear? Is there paint chipping off your surfaces? Have mold building up on your exterior? Then it’s time to find exterior painters near Fayetteville that offer professional painting services.

Painter1 of Fayetteville’s services allow for a very simple step-by-step process in getting our exterior painting services.

Choosing Your Color

Once you have decided on your color, the Painter1 of Fayetteville team will be ready to assist you. We have a team of color experts that are happy to assist you with color selection if you are struggling to make a decision.

Scheduling Your Home

We’ll pencil your home in for service at your convenience - we work according to your schedule. Once that’s done, we’ll ask you to follow a few simple preparation steps before our team of house painters arrives. Painter1 of Fayetteville experts are licensed, insured and background checked, so you can feel safe during the project.

Prepping Your Home

We’ll ask that you please remove any decorations, light covers, and address numbers from exterior walls. Plants and shrubs that might impede the painters from accessing all surfaces of the exterior will need to be trimmed down. And before we begin the paint job, we’ll power wash your exterior to ensure a clean surface.


We are an efficient team and after the paint job is done, we take care of all and any clean-up. Enjoy your new freshly painted exterior.

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We are the local painters you can count on, and our 2-year warranty ensures you'll be happy with your service. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. We pride ourselves on providing quality painting services and bringing clients the beautiful home they have envisioned. Whether you want to stain your brick, powerwash your deck, or give your fence a new life, Painter1 of Fayetteville will get the job done. Contact us today for an exterior painting estimate!

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The Painter1 of Fayetteville Promise

Below are the values we instill within our company and strive to abide by every day.

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2 Year Warranty & Guarantee
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Our years of painting experience guarantees we will get the job done right, in a timely manner, and on budget!

At Painter1 of Fayetteville we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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At Painter1 of Fayetteville we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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They did an excellent job. When the job was complete, Rose told me to call them if I had any problems. Very nice people.
— Mary Beland
Posted November 26th 2021
From start to finish, Painter1 was professional, courteous and did a wonderful job. They weren't the lowest bid, but I chose them because of their punctuality, follow-up and general professional attitude. I felt with them I would get quality work and they did not disappoint. Margaret was always quick to respond to all my questions. When the job was quoted, I was told they would probably put a 3-4 man crew on the job and it would take 4-5 days, so when only 1 person showed up to prep and paint my entire exterior, I was not sure he could finish the job in 5 days. Due to weather, it did take 7 days to complete, but Daniel was so thorough, paying attention to a lot of little details other painters probably wouldn't have done. The result is a beautiful home that brings a big smile to my face every day.
— Ginny Davis
Posted November 17th 2021
They showed up on time and we're very meticulous in preparation of the areas that were to be painted. The actual painting exceeds my expectations and I will be using them again for my painting needs.
— Kevin Bell
Posted November 17th 2021
I work as a Property Manager for units in Carolina Trace and I had a WONDERFUL experience with this company. They made sure the job was not only done, but done well. I highly recommend and hope to use them frequently!
— kimberly anderson
Posted September 14th 2021
The painters did a wonderful job. We loved the work. We are very happy with the work and will hire the company again when we are ready to paint the other rooms in our house.
— Adana N.
Posted September 10th 2021
The painters did a wonderful job. We loved the work. We are very happy with the work and will hire the company again when we are ready to paint the other rooms in our house.
— Adana N.
Posted September 10th 2021
Painter1 made my interior paint job a very pleasant experience, I would recommend this company to any and everyone. From day 1 of inquiring about cost and services this company made everything go so smoothly. From the estimate to the receptionist being very accommodating to my change of date issues w my kitchen counter top install issues (w a totally different company not affiliated w painter1). This company made me feel so calm the day the project started.I had 5 rooms painted and my lead painters name was Luis and his wife (can’t remember her name, sorry 🙁) just 2 painter for all the sq ft. I was was worried this would be a 1 week project. (But Margaret told be in the beginning it would be 2 possibly 3 days) I was doubtful when I saw I only had 2 painters in my home on day 1….but when I tell you they had 75% of my home painted on day 1, and stopped wking by 4pm. Quick and very thorough. I hv other parts of my home that I would like painted and i will definitely use this company and will absolutely request Luis, but I’m positive this companies standards would not hv a painter that would not pay attention to detail. Thank you painter1. You hv gained a satisfied customer and will return for all of my home spruce up needs.
— Mali Withers
Posted September 8th 2021
I was very pleased with the trim repairs and exterior painting provided by Painter 1 of Fayetteville, NC., and will recommend their services to my friends and neighbors. While I was expecting a crew of two or three, one person arrived on the first day of the project .... his name is Daniel. I initially thought that there was too much work for one person to handle but I was mistaken. Daniel is an very skilled carpenter and painter. He repaired all of the damaged fascia and molding then painted the entire house himself, in the time it would have taken several individuals to accomplish. He was on time, courteous and very professional. I couldn't be more pleased with his work.
— Donald Robinson
Posted September 8th 2021
Painter1 was a pleasure to work with. They were responsive and did good quality work. They were very responsive to fixing any touchups after did our walk through and we are overall very happy with the work. Only small complaint was the lack of plastic/floor coverings that was put down. We had a lot of small paint dots on our floors and on our counters where they painted the ceiling. But they were easy to get off, just a little time consuming/annoying.
— Antonio Neris
Posted September 3rd 2021
Great, affordable and fast work! Would definitely recommend!!
— Doreen Perl
Posted August 20th 2021
Did a great job on interior painting. They arrived on time and worked hard to get the job done. Love the way my rooms turned out. They did not accept payment until I was satisfied with the job.
— Angela Sally
Posted August 17th 2021
Exceptional service. The Office Manager, Margaret, was phenomenal to work with who was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. She was responsive with accurate information and kept me in the loop. The project manager was also great and fixed up the house flawlessly. Would highly recommend if you require any paint job.
— Alex S
Posted August 11th 2021
Our painter, Pablo, provided a professional paint job on our house. The end result exceeded our expectations. We thought the price was fair. I would highly recommend using Painter 1 for your painting project.
— Paul Kirkpatrick
Posted August 3rd 2021
I had a solid experience with Painter1. They were prompt, showed up when they said they would, and they did a great job. I would definitely use them again.
— Tyrone J.
Posted July 20th 2021
I had a solid experience with Painter1. They were prompt, showed up when they said they would, and they did a great job. I would definitely use them again.
— Tyrone J.
Posted July 20th 2021
I pitched them a terrible job and they did amazing work. Wallpaper removal + paint + drywall repair. Michaelangelo couldn't have done a better job if he was working with Da Vinci
— joker54 DT
Posted May 25th 2021
Very professional company. Quick responses and quality work. I would definitely recommend them.
— Nic Price
Posted May 22nd 2021
Painter1 did an incredible job cleaning, repairing, and completely painting the exterior of my 104-year old home. They were incredibly flexible with my schedule, professional in answering questions, and thorough throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!
— Michael Bramer
Posted April 20th 2021
I have a very difficult house to paint lots of peaks. Cristiam and his staff did a super job. The weather was causing some issues so they came on a Saturday to finish I was very impressed. Would totally use them again. My house looks great!
— Andrea Veauthier
Posted March 31st 2021
The painters (Daniel and Luis) were friendly, professional and thorough. Their attention to detail and repair of damaged wood was impressive. Their repair of the damaged wood on my exterior garage door made it better than the installers of the door. I would recommend Painter1. You can tell what kind of company by their employees, Painter1 is a good company with great employees.
— Willie Smith
Posted March 25th 2021
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