How to Stay Open When Your Business Is Being Painted  - Fayetteville

Posted on Aug 10th 2019


How to Stay Open When Your Business Is Being Painted - Fayetteville

One of the most effective ways you can refurbish your business is giving it a fresh coat of paint. An updated and stylish color will make your workspace feel brand new, hopefully bringing in additional business or enticing old customers to return. It will also communicate to your customers and employees that you care about your company, and are willing to put in the effort to keep it in good shape. But while it’s an advantageous and exciting project, if you don’t manage it correctly, you may find it difficult to juggle business as usual and remodeling in tandem. You want your business to remain welcoming and productive for both your patrons and employees. Here are some tips on how to stay open when your business is being painted, brought to you by our expert commercial painters in Fayetteville.

Be Transparent and Stay Connected

The best way to avoid major complications while your business is being painted is to be transparent about it with your customers and employees. Use as many forms of communication as you can. Email newsletters to your customers and reminders to your employees, make an announcement on your social media, or post signs in front of your business. Giving a notification before the painting even begins will help prevent complaints from your customers, and communicate to your employees that you respect their time and hard work.

Set up Zones

Depending on the size of your building, you can break up your business into zones so that only one section is being painted at a time, leaving the other areas to be worked in. This will help productivity continue closer to the norm, mitigating any noise, paint fumes, and distraction for customers and employees. As zones are finished you can shift work back to them while painting continues in the remaining areas.

Paint After Hours

If your business doesn’t operate 24/7, or if you have certain hours of the day you can anticipate to be slower, ask your painting contractor if they can operate during those selected times. For example, if your business is closed on the weekends you could ask if your contractor could work mainly on those days, or if you have a predictably slow period after the afternoon rush they might work during those hours. Negotiating more convenient hours (within reason) will allow for a more efficient and less disruptive workspace for your clients and employees.

Spread the Word

During the process and after it’s finished, spread the word of your business’s new paint job and celebrate it! Let your customers and competitors know that you’re staying open while painting occurs, and bring them up-to-date on when it’s completed and ready to be admired. Post about it on your social media, give it space on your website, write about it in your newsletter emails to patrons, and promote it in front of your business with signs or announcements. This will show your clients that you take pride in your workplace and that you’re dedicated to keeping it pristine and open for business.

Maintaining your business while having it repainted can feel like a complicated balancing act, but if you’ve taken the proper preparations, you can still keep your business operating and supply your customers with quality service throughout a repaint.

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