How to Prepare for House Painting

Posted on Jun 7th 2021


How to Prepare for House Painting

How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painters

So you’ve decided to hand off your interior home paint job to a professional. Congratulations! Having a freshly painted home not only looks good, it feels good too! Whether you need to refresh dirty walls, or you're looking to completely update your home's look with a new color scheme, professional interior painters can help you get the job done. Working with professionals ensures a quality paint job without the headache of doing it yourself.

Preparing Your Home

Painting can be a messy job. It is in your best interest to take a few steps before a paint job to ensure your furniture and valuables are protected:

Move and Cover Furniture

It is important to carefully consider access and any obstructions that can get in the way of painters. Think about where they will need to walk, where they will need to position their equipment, and generally where they will need to work. Where possible, reposition bulky furniture items such as coffee tables, ottomans and light stands. If there is a limited amount of storage space available in your home, consider covering larger pieces with a drop cloth. Keep as much of the area to be worked on as free of obstructions as possible.

Painter1 has professional painters near you in Fayetteville that take care of all prep and finish work, including moving or covering furniture.
Remove Electronics and Appliances

Absolutely anything of value that can be moved away from the area to be painted should be moved before painting. Electronics or appliances such as televisions, sound systems, refrigerators, and stoves can become damaged in the process of painting. It is best to relocate or cover any of these expensive items to prevent their defacement.

Wall Hangings and Ornaments

Wall hangings and decorative objects must be removed before painting your home. Carefully remove all paintings, clocks, mirrors and other decorative art from your walls. Eliminate any hooks, nails and light switch covers from the walls as well. The same also goes for any ornaments or free-standing decorative pieces you may have about your home. While there is always the option of covering them up, it's a better idea to move them as far out of harm's way as possible. Even if it's simply a case of moving them to another room, anything you can do to reduce the likelihood of them being damaged is a good thing. To prevent damage, wrap them in bubble wrap and store them away in marked boxes and containers.

Removing any pictures or wall hangings is one of the first ways to start preparing your home for interior painting services in Fayetteville.
Curtains, Rugs and Throws

Once again, anything of value that can be moved away from the area to be painted, should be removed. Soft furnishings such as carpets and rugs should be removed from the room. Curtains, drapes and blinds should be cleared away as well. Putting plastic or a tarp over these items can protect them however, it is best to safely store them away from in a separate room. The more items you clear away from the room, the less chance there is for your beloved items to be potentially damaged or destroyed by rogue paint splashes.

Prep and Clean Walls

When you paint large areas it is important to make sure surfaces are clean and ready for paint. Taking the step to clean your walls before painting will make a huge difference in your painting project. Dust, dirt and stains can build up on your walls over time. Paint can stick to build up on your walls and will cause dirt and grime to remain on your walls permanently. A thorough wash from top to bottom is beneficial before painting, so the paint can adhere to the walls and not the dust. Try using a broom or a small vacuum to take care of dust, dirt and cobwebs built up on your walls. For the remaining debris, use water, detergent, and a sponge to clean your walls. This reduces the chance of floating dust and debris landing on your fresh paint job before it dries.

Cleaning dust and dirt buildup on walls is an important step when preparing for interior home painting services in Fayetteville.

Life is easier when you hire full-service professional painters!

Professionally painting the house will take a decent amount of time. Many home painting companies require their clients to take care of the prep beforehand. If you’re looking to forego the headache of prepping for an interior paint job, give your friends at Painter1 a call. Unlike other home painters, our team at Painter1 in Fayetteville will handle the job in its entirety, from start to finish. We take care of all the preparation of your interior paint job and the clean-up, ensuring a happy, satisfying outcome for you and your family.

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