Should You Paint Your Ceiling - Fayetteville

Posted on May 22nd 2019


Should You Paint Your Ceiling - Fayetteville

Though ceilings are frequently an afterthought in the design of a room, they’re a valuable design feature when utilized. The color of your ceiling is just as important as that of your walls. White ceilings are a classic, safe choice, but if you never look at anything different you may be missing out on the opportunity to add some character and innovation to the space. Here are some reasons you should consider painting your ceiling, brought to you by our expert interior painters in Fayetteville.

Makes the Space Feel Larger or More Intimate

Wall colors are the most talked about when regarding how to affect visual space, but the color of the ceiling can have an equally significant impact on how big or intimate your room feels. It’s all about taking advantage of optical illusion. A well-known design tip is that lighter colors draw your attention because they reflect light while darker colors absorb light and tend to deflect attention back those lighter colors. So even though it’s a rule most often associated to wall color, when applied to ceilings it can have a similar and dramatic effect: rooms with lower, lighter painted ceilings will draw your attention upward and make the space appear larger, and rooms with high ceilings in a darker shade will help the room feel cozier. The contrast of light walls and a dark ceiling–or vice versa–will also create a striking contrast. Or, you could try painting your ceiling the same paint color as your walls to create the illusion that the walls and ceiling are continuous, making the room feel more spacious and open.

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Adds Surprising Visual Interest

Putting extra care into the details makes any design feel special. For a space that appears somewhat monotonous or unexciting, adding a painted ceiling to your room is the perfect way to incorporate an unexpected element of visual interest. The ceiling is routinely a forgotten surface when it comes to design, but walking into a room with a bold, dark, or bright ceiling that’s out of the norm will make an instant impression. You could also take it a step further and add more artistic details such as stripe, swirl, lattice, or checkerboard patterns. It easily gives the space a high-design look.

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Accent Color

Accent walls are a popular interior design technique. Simply painting one wall a darker, lighter, or more saturated color can establish a distinct focal point for the eye, improve the room’s color flow, and make for a striking element that will stand out in the room’s design. Painting the ceiling an accent color will have the same effect in a more unique style. Choose a color that will enhance the furniture and decor of the space (as well as the wall color, of course), whether it compliments it analogously or contrastingly. This will draw your eyes up to what is essentially a “fifth wall”, seamlessly tying the coloration of the entire room together.

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A Fun Feature

Painting your ceiling is a great design device, but let’s be honest; it’s also just a fun way to add color to any room. You can imbue a lot of personality and flair with a painted ceiling, even if the walls remain a more neutral or muted shade. This is especially true for children and teen’s rooms. A colorful ceiling allows them to bring a sense of creativity into their personal space, and they can choose their favorite bold, bright color that you may not want used on the walls.

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Most people approach ceilings with the intent to make them blend in and disappear with a coat of white paint (or they forget about it entirely) and while there are times that this is the perfect approach to take for the room’s design, it doesn’t have to be your only option. If you think your space would benefit from painted ceilings, don’t be afraid to experiment and inquire until you find the ideal shade.

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