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How Often Should You Paint Your Home - Fayetteville

Posted on Jul 10th 2019


How Often Should You Paint Your Home - Fayetteville

Many homeowners may think that because the interior of the home isn’t exposed to the elements that it won’t need to be repainted as the exterior does, but that’s not really the case. Though they won’t need nearly as much upkeep as the siding or deck, they still need repainting every few years to keep them looking new and well-kept. Here are some tips on how often you should consider painting your home, brought to you by our interior painting experts in Fayetteville.

Living/Dining Room

Living rooms and dining rooms tend to get a lot of use, but if you’ve used durable, high-quality paint, the walls will endure for several years. While these rooms get high traffic, the activity they see isn’t overly aggressive and the walls won’t see too much injury. In most homes, these spaces can go anywhere between 5 to 7 years–possibly even longer–before repainting is needed. You’ll most likely end up repainting the spaces because you’re looking for a change of color rather than out of necessity.


Kitchens face a lot more wear and tear than most rooms in your home. It’s often the focus of life in your home–even more so than the living or dining rooms–and your walls can take a beating thanks to hurried and messy activity. Touching, scraping, bumping into, staining, splattering food or drink, and washing them more than usual has a big effect on how long the paint holds up. Even with durable paints, your kitchen walls will likely show signs of needed repainting every 3 to 5 years.


The frequency of repainting bedrooms depends on who’s occupying the room. Most adult bedrooms don’t need to be painted very often as they aren’t high-traffic areas, used more or less exclusively for sleeping. Similarly to living and dining rooms, there’s a good chance you won’t repaint until you want to change up the wall color. The paint will typically last 5 to 7 years or longer in these rooms. Children’s bedrooms, on the other hand, are an entirely different subject. Used not just as a sleeping space, kids’ bedrooms double as playrooms, so these spaces see a lot more damage to the walls. Paint that is prone to getting dirty with messy hands, paint, markers, and stains in abundance will wear out much quicker. You can count on having to repaint a child’s room within around three to four years.


Like kitchens, bathrooms get used frequently and suffer a lot of abuse to their walls, but it’s a different type of damage than what the kitchen or living room walls would face. The biggest problem in bathrooms is the excess of moisture and humidity continually barraging the walls. This can significantly lower the paint’s durability–even if it’s high-quality–as the water eats away at the paint until it inevitably wears down. You’ll find that bathrooms and other high-humidity areas such as the laundry room will need to be repainted every 3 to 4 years to keep the paint looking fresh.


Of all the areas in your home, the hallways see the most foot traffic and potentially damaging commotion. Scratches, scuff marks, dents, and chips are common accidents. While the walls can be washed occasionally, and patches or touch-ups can be very effective, there will eventually come a point where a new coat of paint is the best repair option. Generally, hallways will need to be repainted every 2 or 3 years, but if you’re careful to avoid harming the paint you can easily stretch that number further.

There are a lot of factors that go into the longevity of a painting job–the prep work, the application, the quality of the paint, the sheen, upkeep, and the amount of damage done can all influence your paint’s lifespan. Knowing what can affect your paint and when you should start looking for signs of damage will help you determine if your walls are in need repainting. Keep in mind, though, that these estimations aren’t set in stone; you can repaint whenever you see fit!

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