Why You Should Hire Professional Painters - Fayetteville

Posted on Aug 22nd 2019


Why You Should Hire Professional Painters - Fayetteville

Finally deciding to repaint your home is an ideal way to give it a fresh look, but it could lead to debating another, more complicated question: should you find a professional painter or should you try your hand at the job? Going down the do-it-yourself route may tempt you as the more budget-friendly option; after all, how hard could it be? The truth is a messier reality. Unless you’ve participated in a major painting project before, you’ll quickly find out that it’s not as simple as it looks. Here are some of the top reasons why should consider hiring professional painting contractors in Fayetteville for your next painting project.


While it would certainly give you a sense of pride to say you’ve painted your walls by yourself, you’d likely have to gain that pride by sacrificing quality. True, following a tutorial video or perusing through step-by-step instructions can help you turn in a decent effort, but it can’t compensate for years of experience and practice. Professionals are called so for a reason. If you’re an inexperienced painter you’re also more likely to cut corners and overlook crucial flaws. Painting contractors immerse themselves in this craft every day, and they train extensively to deliver polished, near-perfect results. Their attention to detail and meticulous understanding of products, technique, and efficiency simply can’t be matched by a do-it-yourself job.

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Many people assume that they would be able to devote a Saturday to painting the living room and smoothly check it off their list of to-do’s, but there’s a lot more to the process than simply painting the walls. Prep work, for example, must be taken into consideration. Filling up holes in the wall, covering the floor and furniture, detailing with painter’s tape, cleaning the walls, sanding rough spots, and ensuring you have a primer all take time and money for a proper painting job. Then there’s the actual painting; one wall at a time, allowing it to dry for at least two to four hours in between coats, and then carefully applying the second layer will likely take more time than was scheduled. And lastly, you must clean up, an unavoidable yet often overlooked step. If the prep work was forgotten or insufficient, cleaning up could become a tedious procedure. For an inexperienced painter, painting a room can quickly turn into a frustrating and time-consuming job, with far more investment required than initially planned for. What was assumed would take a Saturday afternoon’s amount of work might actually end up taking weeks. Enlisting the help of a qualified contractor passes the project’s burden to more seasoned hands, ensuring quick and skillful results that meet your expectations.

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Proper Equipment

Painting necessitates a lot more than just a few paintbrushes or and paint rollers. To be able to properly and safely paint a home, you must be prepared with safety gear, ladders, caulk, patching tools, sprayers, painter’s tape, drop cloths, multipurpose equipment, and more that you likely don’t have lying around the house. Painting on your own is a bigger investment than most realize. You can save yourself the hassle and expense of buying a tool (or tools) that you may only use once by hiring a professional painter who already has top of the line equipment perfect for the job. Professional painters are also well versed in various brushes, rollers, paint, and primer, understanding which are the highest quality and how best to use them.

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Hiring a painting contractor means that they are licensed and insured to take on your job. Should any problem arise during the painting process (injuries, accidental damage, unsatisfactory results) the painter will be able to correct and pay for it with their insurance. This will rescue you from a lot of distress regarding the expenses of a repair or recovery.

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While tackling a painting project yourself could save you some money, there’s no promise you’ll be satisfied with your handiwork. The effort might even end up draining your funds, time, and patience to a greater extent if you run into any serious issues. Hiring a reputable, experienced painting contractor is the more dependable route to a beautiful paint job that will last for years.

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