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The Best Paint Colors for Dark Rooms - Fayetteville

Posted on Jul 22nd 2019


The Best Paint Colors for Dark Rooms - Fayetteville

Many people have dreams of an airy white fantasy to brighten up their dark room, but in reality, it might not be the best choice. Rooms that get little to no natural light (whether because they face north or they have no windows to let sunlight in) can easily come off as cramped and dreary with a dark color on the walls adding to the space’s lack of light. And while painting the room a bright white seems like an easy solution, a picture-perfect white room probably isn’t possible in a naturally dim room. White is bright when it has natural light to reflect. When it only has artificial light to work with, it will end up looking flat and darkened... likely the opposite effect of what you’re going for. But don’t be disappointed; there are plenty of beautiful shades that will help your space look bigger and brighter. Here are a few of the best paint colors for dark rooms, brought to you by our interior painting professionals in Fayetteville.


When a room doesn’t have much–or any–natural light, painting it yellow is an incredibly effective way of recreating the feeling of sunshine. A light, buttery yellow will reflect artificial light with a glow, or if you want something with a stronger presence, a bright sunny shade will imbue the space with cheer and personality. You can also choose a paint with a satin finish to give it a bit of a shine. To pull the color off, though, make sure you have plenty of artificial light in the space so the color doesn’t end up coming off dull or dingy.

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Pink is the perfect way to both brighten up and enliven a space. Soft pastels such as pale rose, blush, and coral add just the right amount of warmth without being too stimulating, and you can add deeper or moodier colored accents to avoid the space feeling too youthful. Deeper shades, on the other hand, such as bubble gum, fuchsia, or strawberry may cross that line into overpowering in a naturally dark room. They can work as accent walls, but painting the whole room with them may make the room feel even dimmer and smaller.

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Admittedly, orange is a very “out-there” color for a lot of tastes, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can yield stunning results. Orange can transform any dark or cramped room with its infectious warmth and energy. When lit with lamps or candles, the rich, radiant glow of a gorgeous orange shade will more than make up for the lack of sunlight in the room. And if you’re worried that a bright orange would be too overwhelming for your space, try softer versions of the shade instead: tangerine, apricot, ochre, honey, and peach will give just as much warmth and depth as a brighter pumpkin shade.

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Light Blue

Similar to yellow, a light blue shade evokes memories of nature; sunny skies, crystal clear oceans, and bundles of Forget-Me-Nots. This shade helps bring a lot of brightness and charm to darker corners of your home. You can also shift its effect with the intensity and accents you choose. Paler shades with fresh white details look dreamy no matter the lack of natural light; a brighter hue with eye-catching pops of orange, red, or green can take on a retro feel; and if you want to lean more on the turquoise side, you can make a space feel beachy and soothing with accents of tan, yellow, gray, or peach. It’s a flexible color to play around with.

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Choosing the perfect paint color is a hard decision, and picking out a color for a low-light room is made even harder as you deliberate what shade will make the space look more like a comfortable living area and less like a windowless dungeon. You want a color that will feel inviting, have depth, and brighten your mood to combat the lack of sunlight. With these options to draw inspiration from, we hope you’ll find the perfect balance to fill your space!

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