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How to Use Lemon Yellow in Your Home - Dripping Springs

Posted on Dec 17th 2019


How to Use Lemon Yellow in Your Home - Dripping Springs

Winter is officially upon us, and if you’re dreading the gray, dreary winter days ahead of us once the Christmas season is over, we have the perfect way to lift your spirits within your home: a lemon yellow revamp. Here are some tips on how to use lemon yellow paint in your home, brought to you by our professional painting contractors in Dripping Springs.

Interior Walls

Bright colors can be intimidating to use as an all-over color, but yellow is actually a surprisingly versatile color that pairs well with multiple colors. If you’re worried about the space feeling visually overcrowded, couple it with neutral accents. Yellow and white in particular is a classic combination that feels crisp and welcoming, and yellow with light or dark shades of gray is the perfect way to give your space a modern atmosphere. In the middle of a gray winter day, it will be like a breath of fresh air to lounge in your warm, sunny space decked out in lemon yellow.

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Accent Walls

Going all out isn’t your only option when it comes to lemon yellow. If you’re hesitant to paint your whole space in this energetic shade, painting an accent wall is just as effective of a way to introduce yellow into a room. It adds visual interest to a room without coming off overwhelming, and does a surprising amount to warm up a cooler or neutral color scheme.

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Painted Furniture

Walls aren’t the only features that can be used as accents. Painted furniture is a unique way to integrate colors into your space, and lemon pieces are particularly eye-catching. Just a hint of yellow on a chair or bookshelf can bring sunshine into a room even on the darkest of winter days. Even better, it’s easy to revamp old pieces of furniture with a coat of paint for a new yellow twist!

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Painted Door

A painted door is a stunning way to feature yellow in your home. For the exterior, there’s no better way to invite people into your home than with this cheery, daring hue. It may not be your first thought for a door color, but it pops in contrast with outdoor greenery (especially if paired with exterior sidings and accents in whites, black, grays, or blues) and it extends a warmth that will brighten up your home even in dreary, barren winter days. Inside, a lemon yellow door serves as an unexpected accent to liven up any space in need of color. It’s easily paired in neutral color schemes but could also be used to warm up deep, bold shades such as navy or emerald green.

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Lemon yellow is a color with an abundance of personality and energy, which is exactly the sort of pick-me-up your home (and your spirits) might benefit from as the temperatures continue to drop and the daylight decreases. There are multiple ways to introduce it into your home, so whatever way best fits your individual style, take advantage of it!

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