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Colorful Kitchen Islands - Dripping Springs

Posted on Nov 11th 2019


Colorful Kitchen Islands - Dripping Springs

The walls and cabinets of your kitchen are essential factors to consider when planning out the color scheme of the space, but there’s another central feature that you might neglect in spite of it being a natural focal point: the island. Painted kitchen islands are the perfect way to add personality and style to your kitchen space. Here are some of the best colors to paint your kitchen island, brought to you by our professional painting services in Dripping Springs.


Gray has become one of the most popular neutral colors in interior design, and it’s a first choice for many home features, especially a kitchen island. With a soft, misty gray, you can create dimension next to white walls or cabinets, or you can use a steady slate gray to tone down bolder surrounding shades such as red or yellow. It’s a welcome twist on more basic white or beige because of its adaptability and functionality.

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There are few colors as classic and versatile in home decor as blue. For a bold take on a traditional color scheme, choose a deeper blue such as navy for your island. It helps to create a cozy atmosphere within the kitchen while still providing a dynamic pop of color. The best thing about using navy is that it goes with such a wide variety of colors; whether your kitchen is gray, beige, green, cream, or brown, a navy paint will serve as a stunning highlight for this key feature.

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Black can be an intimidating shade to decorate with, but when used as an accent color on your kitchen’s island it will bring just the right amount of depth and drama to the space. It’s a timeless color that can couple with nearly any other shade on the cabinets or walls. While it may not be the first shade you consider, it could be the perfect accent piece for your kitchen space.

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Dark Green

If you want something deep and dramatic but aren’t fully willing to commit to black, try dark green for your island. Earthy, moody, unique, and completely gorgeous, this rich color can’t help but make a statement in any room you use it. Having it as the centerpiece of your kitchen will bring a sense of rustic charm and modern drama.

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Red never goes out of style, though it is sometimes discouraged in interior design. The fear of it coming off as overpowering or too energetic turns away many homeowners, but you shouldn’t be so quick to overlook it. Red can be a breathtaking burst of color if you use it wisely. In a kitchen, painting your island red will make it the star of the space. It draws the eye and commands your attention, especially when paired with a neutral backdrop.

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Painting your kitchen island is an opportunity to show off your unique sense of style in the kitchen, and it adds the perfect amount of contrast and depth to what might be an otherwise monochromatic space. Don’t be afraid of trying a bold color for your kitchen island for visual variety!

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