Why Epoxy is the Best Choice for Your Garage Floor

Posted on Oct 20th 2020


Why Epoxy is the Best Choice for Your Garage Floor

Often neglected, the garage is a valuable space for families. In addition to keeping your car safe from inclement weather, garages can store garden and home maintenance tools, double as a home office or gym and house a workshop or craft area. If you are looking to utilize this space, you're probably ready for a full renovation. Most garages are packed to the brim with old belongings and useless junk. Once that's all cleared out, most homeowners find a cracked, stained and shabby concrete floor. Thankfully, you can transform this dismal sight with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resins and a hardening chemical that is poured over a smooth concrete base. This unique material creates a floor that is durable, stain-resistant and more. Popular in hospitals, gyms and industrial buildings, epoxy is also useful in the home. While It has been slowly making its way into basements and kitchens, epoxy flooring is most commonly seen in residential garages.

Whether your garage is just a garage or doubles as an office/work space/gym, the benefits of epoxy flooring translate to every homeowner's garage needs.

Durable and Long-Lasting

During application, epoxy floor material slowly hardens from a liquid to solid. This unique process allows for a smooth material that is extremely durable. Resistant to scratches, staining and cracks, epoxy floors can take a beating. As dropped tools and spills are common in the garage, epoxy offers a great solution to garage floor disasters.

Moisture Resistant

The slick, shiny coating of epoxy flooring is naturally moisture resistant. Water, moisture from inclement weather and chemical spills can easily be wiped up. As moisture is an issue for most types of flooring and moisture is often present in the garage, epoxy is a no-brainer solution.

Beautiful Designs

Unlike most flooring materials, there are various design and color options with epoxy flooring. Much like choosing a color of paint for your walls, epoxy flooring options are endless. Metallic and marbling effects are popular.

Simple Installation

Many flooring materials can take weeks to install. Epoxy, on the other hand, can be installed in one day. Harsh chemicals are used during epoxy floor pouring, however, so it is always recommended to hire a professional. Painter1, your trusted garage painter, offers epoxy floor installation services.


While other flooring material is expensive and requires multiple steps during installation, epoxy is affordable and easy to have installed. Maintenance is minimal, so you won't have to worry about restoration or repair. Wiping up any spills and the occasional sweep and mop is all that's need to maintain beautiful epoxy flooring.

If you have been searching for a painter near you to help with a garage renovation problem, why not complete the whole project with an epoxy floor? Painter1 offers professional garage painting and epoxy floor installation for all your garage renovation needs.

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