Reinvent Your Home With An Exterior Painting Trend

Posted on Jul 24th 2020


Reinvent Your Home With An Exterior Painting Trend

While it's usually interiors that get all of the focus, a home's exterior also has a lot of value. Faded, peeling exterior paint can make your home look outdated and run down, decreasing curb appeal (and possibly draw the not-so-friendly stares of disgruntled neighbors). Thankfully, you can quickly polish up an old exterior with a fresh coat of paint.

Just like interior design, exterior trends change with time. While exterior colors may not be as bold as their interior counterparts, they definitely make an impact on the sophistication of your home. A good place to start is with annual color trends; for 2020, navy blue is the "color of the year," with other softer tones as part of the palette (champagne, blush pink). Another big trend for exteriors is dark colors - black, charcoal, dark grey. Take some time to think about color before making a choice, because you will be looking at it everyday when you come home!

When choosing an exterior paint color, keeping in mind:

Your Vision

Your home is your place of comfort, and it should always make you smile when you walk up to your front door. Just as you put careful thought into the color schemes and design of your interior, do the same with your exterior. Whether you like to make a bold statement or prefer neutral tones, the home you envision can come together beautifully with the right exterior choice. Pay attention to trends, but make sure you choose a color that you truly love because it is your home after all.

Your Neighborhood

With the above said, you may not want to paint your home bright pink if every house in your neighborhood is a nice, stately grey. Be sure to choose a color that stands out without making your home stick out like a sore thumb. If your neighborhood has an association, make sure you inquire if there are any regulations about color choice before updating your exterior.

Resale Value

Certain colors, particularly those on trend, can greatly increase the resale value of your home. However, a fresh exterior is better than an old, crumbling one, so just painting alone will increase resale value whether the color is trending or not. If you are planning to sell soon, however, we recommend going with a color that is more trendy than not.

Cohesive Colors

If you're painting the exterior, go for an entire home facelift. Oftentimes homeowners update their siding and leave the old trim, which can make your home unattractive. Make sure to choose cohesive colors; while matching siding and trim can create a seamless look, a two-toned paint job creates a truly sophisticated exterior.

Professional Painting for a Happy Home

While some homeowners choose DIY for small interior jobs, this should be avoided for exterior projects. Your home's exterior is much bigger than any one room in your house and it is a large scale project to take on alone. You'll also require additional equipment, like power washers, that are unnecessary for interior painting. It's always recommended to leave exterior painting to the professionals, because any mistakes can turn disastrous.

If you're ready to update your home's exterior and you are looking for painters in your local area, the Painter1 team is here to assist you!