Painted Ceilings Taking Your Design to New Heights

Posted on May 4th 2014


Painted Ceilings Taking Your Design to New Heights

It was a typical Monday morning, and we were greeting the design world with a slew of color, design, and style on our Pinterest page when we ran across this gem.


We were aghast! A typical white-walled nook couldn’t possibly look nearly as sweet as this white-walled nook with a gold painted ceiling!

Here we were putting all our time and concentration into finding the perfect wall color, the perfect trim color. Why, we even put time and concentration into the perfect white for a ceiling (read our blog on our 15 Top Paint Colors here)! But we were so busy looking forward that we neglected to look up.

This realization sparked a frenzy, and we rushed out to find a collection of beautifully painted ceilings. Where white walls were once boring and stark, they’ve now opened up to be a canvas for beautiful and colorful decor, framed by a gorgeously painted ceiling.

Let us share some of the most beautifully painted ceilings we’ve found:


If only we were all lucky enough to have architecture like this in our bedroom. Luckily you can achieve the same look with some crown molding, a lush and tufted headboard, and some gorgeous peach paint.


This peach is a little pinker and goes beautifully in this girl’s room, especially paired with that adorable gold polka dot wallpaper!


If you’re looking for a more traditional look, then cocoa might be more your cup of tea.


You can treat your ceiling like an accent wall, like in this room, where you can select a color from your decor and bring that color out on your ceiling.


In fact, why not try something creative like these adorable yellow stripes?



Even better, extend your painted ceiling with some supplemental accent molding!


This idea is pretty cool… Since the ceiling in this room is vaulted, having the right wall as an accent wall would make the room seem shorter. Instead, the designer lengthened the accent wall by using the same color on the ceiling, which extended the accent wall and made the room seem even taller!


We couldn’t post a blog about painted ceilings without showing off this absolutely gorgeous baby boy’s room, with a pale blue ceiling and silver star decals.

What do you think of this new design inspiration? Will you consider a painted ceiling any time soon?