Paint Your Home These Colors Before You Sell

Posted on Mar 10th 2019


Paint Your Home These Colors Before You Sell

If you're looking to put your home on the market, there's a good chance you've also looked into completing some repairs and remodels before selling in the hopes of increasing your home's value. Making some small improvements beforehand is often essential to attracting buyers; determining whether the project will bring in more money than it costs you to do, however, is a tricky balancing act. If you're weighing your options on what will give you the best results for the lowest cost, a fresh paint job may be the best answer. Repainting is one of the most cost efficient and effective pre-sale improvements you can consider. A new color can transform your home and make a big impact in the eyes of potential buyers, all for a noticeably inexpensive cost in comparison to bigger renovations. But if you go about it incorrectly (i.e. choosing the wrong color for the wrong space) it could actually end up damaging your home's ability to sell. Here are some of the most effective colors to paint your home before you sell, brought to you by our experts in house painting.

The Exterior

While your home's interior is usually what commands the most attention from both you and potential buyers, it's the outside of your home that gives a buyer their first impression of your property before they even walk in the door. An attractive exterior suggests an equally neat and move-in ready interior. So if you want to increase your possibility of selling for more than the expected price you may want to consider a new outside paint job for your house before putting it on the market. Greiges are popular exterior shades, giving a warm and welcoming feeling to the home and setting the tone for the interior. And you can't go wrong with traditional choices like warm neutrals or light grays; they're universally appealing for their classic quality and ability to contrast well with most accents and trims. Be wary of white, however, as it easily leans towards stark and lonesome if not paired with the right accent colors.

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The Front Door

If you don't have the time or money to pour into a full home-exterior repaint before selling, then narrow your focus to the front door instead. This seems like a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but according to a report from Zillo, a painted front door could possibly add thousands of dollars to your home's sales price. This is an exciting conclusion, given that it's a relatively quick, inexpensive, and low-effort project. For it to have the potential of bringing in such a boost in sales price definitely makes it worth the effort. Currently, the favorite paint for the job is black. It's proven time and time again to have an impressive impact on potential buyers, bringing a sense of security and timelessness (persuading feelings for buyers) and drastically increasing curb appeal. In fact, darker shades in general seem to be the way to go for the front door. Though light and neutral colors won't be detrimental to your home's value, bolder and deeper shades like jet black, charcoal, slate gray, and navy blue are the new scene stealers for potential buyers as they make their way up your home's front steps for the first time. Fun pops of color like yellow or turquoise for the front door are stunning design choices at any other time, but they're best to avoid when putting your home on the market in favor of those more universally approachable shades that appeal to a wider range of buyers.

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The Kitchen/Dining Room

We can likely all agree that white kitchens and dining rooms have been one of the most talked about design trends in recent years. And though they're bright and lovely for pictures and for your personal design aesthetic if it's a look you gravitate towards, you may want to think twice about the color when selling your home. All-white paint jobs can be a turn-off to potential buyers who don't want to go through the hassle of keeping them clean or repainting them after purchase. Kitchens and dining rooms with unconventional colors like red or yellow are also limited with the possibility of alienating buyers who can't get past a vivid shade to picture their own style eventually occupying the space. Both the kitchen and dining room have the most appeal when painted in darker tones, especially sophisticated gray-blues, or neutral tones.

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The Living Room

White is, again, best to avoid in the living room where it could be interpreted as sterile and uninviting. Cool toned colors and darker shades aren't the best choices either. Often, they'll end up reflecting light poorly and making the room feel colder and smaller. Go for colors that will help make the room feel inviting and cozy, such a light greige, beige, cream, gray, brown, or tan. You want to create a space that is comfortable but still versatile enough for potential buyers to easily picture how they would occupy the space. These neutral colors will reflect the sunlight in the room and open the space up visually while retaining a sense of warmth and intimacy.

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You'll want to stay away from dark colors and stick closer to lighter shades when repainting a bathroom. Smaller spaces tend to suffer when painted in a color that absorbs light, and potential buyers will have the impression that the room is much smaller than it actually is, especially if the room lacks windows. Light, soft colors that are easy on the eyes are the best choice for your home's bathrooms. Blues, greens, and neutrals will create a more relaxing energy and help the room feel bigger even if it has no natural light, which results in a more positive reaction from a buyer.

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Like bathrooms, bedrooms shouldn't be painted in saturated, intense colors. It's a space you want to be able to relax in, and potential buyers will likely be turned off when viewing a bedroom in colors that put them on edge or increase their heart rate. Light blues (again, like the bathroom) are the most successful color choice, and other milder colors like grays, greens, and neutrals also help the room have a soothing atmosphere that will be appealing to buyers.

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Repainting before selling can increase your home's value in the eyes of potential buyers, boosting your chance to attract an offer quickly and perhaps at a higher selling price than expected. But if done wrong, you could end up losing buyers and money instead. Using the above tips will help you choose your colors wisely and pack the biggest punch when your home goes on the market.

Do you have any questions? Contact one of our Painter1 professional house painters today to discuss repainting your home before you sell. We're happy to help!