Ideas for Painting a Master Bedroom

Posted on May 4th 2019


Ideas for Painting a Master Bedroom

Choosing the paint color for any room in your home is a big decision, but choosing the color for your master bedroom carries a little more weight to it. It’s different from any other space you decorate; it’s your private, personal space, and you want to have it reflect your personality and style. What color you paint the room is the basis for this design. Here are some of our favorite ideas for what color to paint your master bedroom, brought to you by our professional painting contractors.


Simple, clean, and bright are tempting ways to describe your bedroom design. It’s a big reason why whites and creams have become classic choices for bedrooms, but they can be tricky to get right. In the wrong light and surrounding decor, white tends to come off too cold or sterile, and cream can appear dingy. But when they’re wisely chosen and used conscientiously, they become the backdrop in stunning designs. Since they are both considered neutrals, they can serve as a background color that makes a striking statement without overwhelming the space. This also means they play nice with virtually any other color(s). You have more options–especially with white–when choosing accent colors for decor, whether you want a bold color or a corresponding neutral. You can also add more visual interest to the room by incorporating fun textures through furniture or accessories.

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Rooms painted in gray are often seen as stony or unfriendly, but with a flattering shade and the right decor surrounding it, a gray paint can create a calming, chic background in your master bedroom. Using gray doesn’t have to be a boring visual experience! Grays with warm undertones are perfect for a cozy atmosphere, or you could embrace it’s icier, cooler-toned side for something more modern. In terms of the color’s value, dark grays can add drama and a bit of an edge to an elegant space, but keep in mind that they have a strong presence that could be overpowering in some designs. Light grays are softer and feel more muted, making them a great choice if you want to let accents and decor catch the main attention.

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Blues are perhaps the most popular for bedrooms because of their soothing effects. They can slow respiration, reduce anxiety and aggression, lower your heart rate, and bring down blood pressure. Just be aware of the shade you choose; light sky and powder blues have the most calming impressions but need warmer accents and textures to avoid coming off too chilly. Deeper blues can be lovely in a master bedroom too, but use them sparingly as they have a tendency to be gloomy in excess.

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Purple paints are surprisingly versatile in interior design, especially when used in a master bedroom. Soft shades of lavender or lilac are favorites. Matched with other muted shades like gray, cream, or powder blue, it can look romantic or whimsical, even more so if you mix in contrasting textures and finishes in analogous colors. You can also choose darker versions like violet, plum, or wine. These shades are classically elegant and they add a lot of depth to the walls, so they make any bedroom feel lavish and dramatic.

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Warm and cozy are enticing illustrations for a master bedroom, and you can easily achieve that atmosphere with a dark, rich chocolate brown paint. This earthy color can be dressed up or down depending on the accent colors and decor you use surrounding it. Paired with other neutrals or contrasted with light colors you can create a modern, romantic design. Or, you can add pops of colors like coral, green, or turquoise for something more exciting yet grounded by the brown base of the walls.

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Color is one of the most important elements of interior design. In a master bedroom, especially, it can determine the atmosphere and emotion of the entire space. However, it’s also a very personal thing. At the end of the day, the color of you choose depends on your personal preferences, but we hope at least one of these ideas will give you some inspiration on where to start!

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