How to Prioritize Rooms When Painting Your Whole House

Posted on Nov 17th 2020


How to Prioritize Rooms When Painting Your Whole House

Painting one room in your home is an easy project that typically doesn't take more than a couple of days. An entire house makeover, on the other hand, can take a few weeks. If you're planning to update the wall color in every room in your house, you'll need to prepare for this project. It's important to decide which rooms will be painted first so you can easily navigate your home during the project. Starting with smaller, more frequently used rooms is the best idea so that you have a place to retreat to while the rest of your house is being painted. At Painter1, we always recommend the following order for clients that are painting their entire home:


Your place of sleep, rest and relaxation is definitely top priority. Starting with your bedroom is important because it can usually be completed in one day, meaning you won't have to spend any nights camping in your living room. It's also wonderful to wake up in a freshly painted room, and you'll feel excited for the completion of the entire project once you see how good a fresh coat of paint makes you feel. Have your painting contractors begin bedroom painting early in the morning and keep the room well ventilated to ensure that there is no strong paint-fume smell come bed time.

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Bathrooms are equally important as bedrooms, so these are the best second option. Smaller bathrooms can usually be completed on the same day as bedrooms, so you'll have the essentials out of the way first thing. If you have larger or multiple bathrooms, ask your painting contractor to complete one first so that you and your family have it available.

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The kitchen is referred to as the "heart of the home" for a reason -- it is usually full of activity! From cooking, eating and entertaining, the kitchen is a high trafficked area. Larger than both bedrooms and bathrooms, the kitchen will take longer to paint so it is important to leave this room at the top of the list. It's a good idea to plan meal times for when your kitchen will be out of service, whether that means having food already prepared, dining out or ordering in.

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Living Room

Usually the largest room in the home, the living room can take the longest to complete. Most people choose to paint this room towards the completion of their painting project for this very reason. While the painting contractors are finishing up here, you can hang out in your bedroom or cook a nice meal in your freshly painted kitchen!

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Laundry Room

A small, tucked away room, the laundry room can definitely be saved for last. Make sure you do most of your washing the day before so the painting contractors can get in and do their job without disturbing your day. Once the laundry room is done, you'll have a brand new house to enjoy!

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Whether you plan to paint all the rooms in your home, or just a few, sticking to the above formula is a good idea. Like any home renovation project, painting can get in the way of your daily life. As long as you plan ahead, you shouldn't be too burdened during the process. And, as soon as the painting professionals finish their job in your lovely residence, you'll have a beautiful new space to live in!

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