Get Motivated with a Home Gym Makeover

Posted on Nov 17th 2020


Get Motivated with a Home Gym Makeover

A home gym is a great addition for active individuals or those who are looking to add exercise into their daily routine. Whether you already have the space or are in the process of converting it, paint and a few design elements can take your home gym from boring to motivating! As color is known to greatly influence mood, we always recommend starting with a fresh coat of paint.

Colors to Fit Your Workout

Everyone has a different style of workout, from yoga to Crossfit. Whether you're a cardio junkie or a serene meditator, the color you choose to paint your fitness space can greatly influence the flow of your workout. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Fiery Hues
    If you like to sweat, move and power through reps, you're going to want a color that can keep your energy levels high. Bright oranges, reds and other fiery hues are perfect for the weightlifter's home gym. These tones can be dominating, so if your home gym space is smaller choose only one or two walls and offset the others with neutral tones.
  • Calming Tones
    For those that practice pilates, yoga or meditation, calmer tones are better. Light blues or earthy toned greens will make your home gym inviting and create a stress-free space where you can gently move through your morning and end-of-day workouts.
  • Cool Colors
    No matter your style of fitness, you're likely to be sweating inside your home gym. When it seems impossible to finish the next rep, you'll need to take a deep breath and push through. A room painted in cooler colors can help turn down the heat and give you the motivation to finish your workouts. Icy blues and grey tones work wonderfully in home gyms.
  • Neutrals
    Neutrals do well in any space and home gyms are no exception. If you have lots of equipment, loud colors may make your home gym seem too busy. Neutral colors offer a balanced space that you can decorate as you please.

Finishing Touches

Once you have your space painted and ready for action, you'll want to focus on the final touches that will really make this space work for you.

  • Organization
    You want to make the most of your time when you're working out. Having all your equipment, weights and bands neat and organized will improve the flow of your fitness routine. For yoga rooms, a small organizer can store mats, blocks, straps and bolsters. Install shelving for towels; a small refrigerator is a great place to store cold water or sports drinks.
  • Lighting
    Natural light is the best for any home gym space. If you are limited in windows, you can install overhead lighting. While you don't want harsh lighting, anything too soft will make the energy low.
  • Mirrors
    An entire mirrored wall or just a few body length mirrors can turn an average home gym into a spectacular one. Mirrors are important for ensuring you are holding proper form during workouts and they also enhance the size of the room.
  • Personal Touch
    Just like any other room in your home, it's important to add a personal touch to your home gym. Whether that's a chalk or white board to record results, motivational pictures or inspirational quotes, don't forget to add some fun and flair to this fitness space!

If this post has you motivated to renovate your own home gym, Painter1 is the painting company you can count on to help you get the project done. From color selection to professional application, we will provide excellent service from start to finish.

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