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Posted by Amber
on Oct 31st 2014


Our 10 Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams

For some of us, it feels like we spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room of the house. Prepping and cooking meals and snacks, cleaning up after the slew of family members who trample in and out. If your kids are like ours, then they probably do their homework at the kitchen table with a plate of… something… next to them. And guests automatically gather there.

So if we spend so much time in the kitchen, then why is is so hard to find advice on the perfect kitchen paint colors?

Search no further, because we are here for you. We’ve collected our 10 favorite kitchen paint colors so you can see what our designers and customers have grown to love over the past couple decades.

This greige (the new term for a greyish beige) paint color is one of our especial favorites for a kitchen.

Buoyant Blue and white kitchen by Sherwin Williams

Photo by Lisa Wetherell

Kitchens don’t have to be painted only in “safe” neutrals to keep a traditional and unassuming look. A nice blue color looks great with lighter natural woods or white cabinets.

Classical Yellow kitchen with breakfast nook and maple cabinets

Why not opt for a sunshiney yellow kitchen? A paler yellow color like this pairs well with dark, medium, and light woods alike.

Ethereal Mood brown gray kitchen paint color

Not only is this one of our favorite kitchen paint colors but it also looks good with nearly any color of kitchen cabinets.

Lemon Drop White kitchen

Our mama always told us that a white kitchen is a clean kitchen. That’s why chefs wear white coats and hats. But just because you have a white kitchen, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The subtle lemony hue brings just the right touch of warmth to a classically white kitchen.

Nomadic Desert traditional tan kitchen

Cream is another traditional neutral commonly used in kitchens, which is why love chosen this perfect creamy tan.

Raindrop blue kitchen with white cabinets and lantern chandeliers

Sherwin Williams Folksy Gold kitchen

Sherwin-Williams Best Kitchen Paint Colors - Twilight Gray

And last, but certainly not least, we have to share with you this gorgeous, contemporary gray kitchen.