What Colors Does Gold Go With? 9 Colors to go with Gold in Home Design

Posted on Oct 7th 2014


What Colors Does Gold Go With? 9 Colors to go with Gold in Home Design

Metallics are a trend that most everybody in the design world wants to get their hands on, but how do you incorporate it into home design? An all-gold room would look a little to Midas for most tastes, but pairing the lovely shimmery color with some other bright or bold choice can make it really pop.

Below are our 9 favorite colors that go with gold paint.

Red and Gold Living Room - Using Gold in Interior Design

Let’s start with red and gold. These colors have been paired since ancient Asia as a sign of wealth and power. Now they’re used together in interior design for warm, elegant rooms.

Red and Gold Color Palette inspired by Asian Design

Gold paired with red looks great in living rooms, master bedrooms, and kitchens, but can be a little overwhelming in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, hallways, or offices.

Purple and Gold Living Room - Love this elegant and sophisticated color palette

Another majestic combination, purple and gold combine for a cooler version of majesty. The blue tones in purple cool down an otherwise warm room for an elegant, expensive look.


Purple and Gold Color Palette

This purple and gold color combination looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and even smaller spaces like bathrooms. Try a richer purples, like violet or plum for a more sophisticated look.

Pink and Gold Office Interior Design inspiration for Using Gold in the Home

Adding gold to pink classes up an otherwise oft-too-girly. It takes the school-girl charm of pink and elevates it to pink’s classier, more sophisticated older sister.

Pink and Gold Interior Design Inspiration

If pink strikes you as too old-fashioned, just add modern patterns and prints to bring your design forward to the 21st century.


Pink and Gold paint color palette for the home

In this case, the lighter the pink, the more sophisticated the palette. Brighter pinks tend to be more fun and flirty, while lighter pinks are more subdued and understated.

Blue and Gold Color Scheme Interior


Celebrate the year’s other hot color, navy blue, with punches of gold. The gold keeps the blue from looking too “country” or “nautical.”


Navy Blue and Gold Home Design

Deep navy’s are bold and beautiful, especially paired with lovely metallic golds.

Navy and Gold Interior Design Paint Color Palette

Cerulean to navy, gold looks great with blue hues.

Gold, Black and White room - Gold Accent Colors Inspiration

Black and gold, black and gold. Sure, this color combination may traditionally be honed during New Year’s Eve parties, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun, classy addition to your home.
Black, White and Gold Interior Design Color Inspiration

Fun, bold patterns and designs keep this color combination from feeling like its taking itself too seriously.


In this case, black is the little black dress of the gold paint color palette world. Sassy, sophisticated, flirty, and elegant, this color can wear many hats depending on the use to which you put it.

Turquoise and Gold bedroom - Using Gold in Interior Design

Turquoise has been making the rounds this season as one of the top to-have colors. While some color combinations (like turquoise and chocolate brown) can look a little too young and sassy, a sophisticated color like turquoise says, “trendy yet timeless,” in a way that only this color combination can pull off.

Turquoise and Gold Color Palette Interior Design Inspiration

Nearly any shade of turquoise pairs flawlessly with gold.

Coral, gold and white bedroom color ideas

Last but not least, our favorite sweet and chic color combination, gold and coral.

Coral and Gold Paint Color Palette We are in love with coral as a fun, earthy tone that is nowhere near neutral. In the right setting, it can bring the feelings of sophistication, flirtiness, or soothing. It just depends on the furniture style and supplementing patterns that you choose.