Color Trends for 2019

Posted on Feb 4th 2019


Color Trends for 2019

We may already be a little over a month into 2019, but it's never too late to finally go through with that new paint job you've been meaning to start. Fortunately, there are some exciting new trends to find inspiration from this year. Here are some of the most popular color trends for trends, brought to you by our interior painting experts.

Dark Green

Deep, dramatic colors like hunter green are predicted to be very "in" for 2019. Green is a timeless color choice in the home, with a soothing disposition and an ability to create a space that connects with nature and feels bigger than its four walls. Hunter green does both and more with an air of classic elegance. Though it certainly calls back to the art deco movement and more retro interior designs, it's recent resurgence in popularity allows you to either capitalize on this or modernize it with your choice of color combinations. Be careful using it in smaller spaces, however, as it can overpower them if used with a too-heavy hand.

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Berry Red

In recent years, homeowners have felt more and more comfortable playing with bold colors in their interior design. Don't expect this trend to be anything but even more prevalent in 2019! Berry red, a gorgeous and powerful color, embodies that creative freedom perfectly. This deeper, moodier red is ideal to bring excitement and life without feeling overwhelming or obnoxious. It's an elegant and sophisticated color that can be used anywhere from living rooms to bedrooms.

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Mustard Yellow

If you had a rough 2018, put a cheerful energy into your interior design with mustard yellow. This trendy yellow brings a lot to the table. It's optimistic and inviting, with a richness that imbues irresistible charm into any space. Versatility is also one of its selling points; you can use it to create an accent wall with a pop of color, or use it all over the room. It's no wonder why mustard yellow has burst into popularity in recent years.

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Milky Pastels

One of the biggest emerging color trends for 2019 is muted pastels as neutrals. As popular as saturated paints are at the moment, it's understandable that a heavy use of color in the home isn't for everyone. If you're tired or hesitant of stronger tones but don't want to resort back the usual white or beige, pastels are a unique alternative. These soft ice-cream colors have a mellowing effect that make them the perfect backdrop to be complimented by warmer and/or brighter accents. It's a color scheme with a welcome retro feel to it, lovely in both private and social areas of your home. They're less of a risk while still standing out as something unexpected from the norm.

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Clay is another divergence from a more intense color palette, as well as another earthier, nature-influenced shade. But it's earthy in a different way than that of a classic green. Shifting from a leafy woodland feel, clay is a fun twist on normal beiges or browns and brings to mind deserts, mountains, and the adventurous spirit of exploring the outdoors. If you crave a color that will remind you of wide-open spaces when you're inside you'll find it here. It's contemporary and unexpected, great for use as a more exciting neutral.

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A lively, joyful color like coral is the perfect inspiration for both a new year and a new interior color scheme. It's unabashedly whimsical, romantic, and confident, and it's a breath of fresh air for any room you feel is too drab, instantly transforming it into a space filled with warmth and positivity. This is especially true for rooms without windows that are in need of something to brighten the mood. You can make it the star of the show by pairing it with neutrals and deeper shades, create a stylish and modern design by contrasting it with cooler colors, or embrace its playful nature by using it with other warm colors.

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Aqua is a complex color that has a lot of personality. With its hint of green, it recalls the ocean and manages to be both vivid and calming. This makes it a paint that can be used in social spaces to encourage positive interactions and/or in private spaces to reduce stress. It also plays well with many shades ranging from cool to warm, dramatic or playful depending on how you use it.

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There's no doubt that 2019 is going to be a year of stunning color choices in interior design. It's a chance for you to experiment with bold, bright tones or substitute neutrals for something that has a little more character to it. A new year means new opportunities, so don't be afraid to take advantage of the change in the air and play with some fresh paint in your home.

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