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Posted by McKenzie
on Dec 14th 2018


Christmas Color Trends

If you've spent the past year with the same old color scheme on your walls, the dynamic energy of Christmastime may be inspiring you to try something new as the year comes to a close. Even though the weather outside is often cold and dark, the season has some of the most beautiful and joyful color schemes (or maybe the muted outdoor colors are giving you just as much inspiration; try whatever catches your interest!). Here are some of the most popular Christmas colors to use in your home this winter, brought to you by our professional painters.

Fern Green

This inviting shade is a timeless Christmas classic for a reason. Fern green is elegant without being overpowering. It compliments dark woods and creamy neutrals for a room that will feel calm and peaceful, a welcome reprieve from the stress the holidays can bring. And though green is usually a color associated with spring and summer it works surprisingly well in the winter. Using a color that appears so frequently in nature is a reminder that even though the weather is cold and gloomy now, spring is just around the corner.

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Nothing says Christmas quite like a deep crimson shade. Vivid, lavish, and incredibly festive, this stunning color gives your home a fun holiday feeling year round. It's also very versatile, working beautifully as a base color or an eye-catching accent, and bringing life into social rooms like the living room and kitchen. It makes a bold statement in any space. Pairing it with neutrals results in a modern feeling color scheme, but if you're looking to dial up the holiday spirit, metallics like gold, silver, and bronze will have you feeling like you're living in a Yuletide fantasy.

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Gold is the way to go If you're looking for something more luxurious and unique. While it isn't as traditional as the classic reds and greens, the fun is in its modern twist for the holidays. It's flashy but still sophisticated enough to be effective in heavily trafficked rooms like the living room or private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. Pairing it with warm, deep neutrals will give your space an intimate, lustrous feel, and dark woods compliment it just right to make it really pop.



There's something irresistibly charming about a warm caramel shade that brings to mind holiday treats like cookies, cakes, and candies. Who wouldn't want to have a space that feels inviting and cozy while also satisfying your sweet tooth? Subtler and more adjacent to brown than a gold paint while still retaining that rich warmth, caramel pairs well with many different types of woods and neutral shades, and can be utilized everywhere from the living room to the bedroom.

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Icy Blue

Maybe you want to embrace the season's cold chill instead of trying to visually warm up the home. In that case, painting with an icy blue will satisfy all of your frozen dreams. Blue shades bring a sense of serenity to a space, making a soothing cooler toned blue like this a hit in bedrooms and bathrooms. It has enough color to stand its ground, but it's also subtle enough not to overwhelm a space, able to act almost as a neutral. You can pair it with rich browns to give the space a little more depth or stick with cool toned neutrals to keep the wintry ambiance.

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Snow White

Painting a room white when the landscape outside is already engulfed in the color may seem a little pointless, but with some standout accents and decor against a snowy white background, your home will feel like a crisp winter wonderland. You have to be cautious when choosing your paint color, though. A white that comes off too stark will feel flat and boring on walls, doing nothing to help the room look and/or feel interesting. Utilizing decor is also a must to avoid a space that's sterile and uncomfortable. But when done right, you'll find a graceful color scheme that carries the soul of winter with it throughout the seasons.

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Chocolate Brown

Jumping to the opposite of frosty blues and whites, chocolate brown is the ideal color if you're needing a break from the cold winter weather. You can turn any room into a comfy, cozy winter retreat that will make you feel like you're living in a cup of hot cocoa. And the best part of painting with browns is its ability to compliment just about any color. You can pair it with metallics to get into the festive spirit, with a bold bright shade to make a dramatic impact, or with neutrals for a homey atmosphere.

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With a new year and fresh beginnings soon to come, winter is the perfect time of the year to repaint. Whether you draw your vision from Christmas decorations or the snowy landscape, you can turn your home into a wintery dream with some of the season's most popular colors.

Do you have any questions? Contact one of our Painter1 interior painters to discuss painting your home for the holidays. We're happy to help!