Use Paint to Brighten Windowless Rooms

Posted on Sep 14th 2017


Use Paint to Brighten Windowless Rooms

Natural lighting is something we take for granted. You won't really notice it's presence until you're trying to work with a windowless room that feels drab, small, and boring under artificial lighting. In these cases, painting interior walls can have a huge impact on the mood and appearance of the space. Here are some ways you can use paint to brighten up your windowless room.

1-Avoid White

White is often believed to help a room appear brighter, but this is only applicable to rooms that are naturally well lit. If a room has little to no natural light the color looks flat and dead on the walls. Instead of using a stark white, try richer alternatives such as cream, ivory or eggshell. These will give the room more depth, dimension and texture. Even though a picture perfect white, airy room may sound dreamy, in the end you'll be much happier avoiding white paint in a windowless room.

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2- Use a Light Color

If you don't want a white-related color but are still looking to brighten up your room, use light shades. Pale colors are ideal for dark rooms. They'll do much of the same that cream and ivory do, but with a bit of color. While you'll never quite be able to completely mimic the effects of natural lighting, light colors reflect artificial light to make the room seem bigger and brighter. Warm, cool, and neutral pale tones give the room a sense of depth and will really help to open it up.

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3- Paint Sheen

While color is the most important consideration when it comes to selecting a paint, the paint itself is sold in sheens ranging from flat to high-gloss. As the names suggest, flat sheens appear mattified on walls and glossy paints have highly reflective surfaces. When you're working with a windowless space, the finish can have a big impact on the light in the room. More reflective paints bounce light around the room, giving the illusion of a brighter space. The only drawback to this type of finish is that the glossier the paint, the more wall blemishes become obvious. Take the condition of your walls into careful consideration before deciding on a high-gloss paint.

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4- Embrace Bold Colors and Patterns

Light colors aren't your only options for windowless rooms. Bright, bold colors and patterns bring a lot of life and light to an otherwise dark room. Too much dark paint will make a windowless room even smaller and gloomier, but a burst of bright colors will make them seem exciting. Don't let the lack of light scare you from having fun with the space. Avoid overusing bold colors though, as they can make a room feel very cartoonish and gaudy. A little goes a long way in brightening up your space.

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In windowless rooms, paint is your best ally. The color, finish, and execution all have an affect on the light in the room. There's no way to truly replicate the feeling of natural lighting, but these tips can help you make utilize the light you do have to make your space feel bright and open.

Do you have any questions? Contact a Painter1 interior painter today to discuss ways to brighten up windowless rooms.