The Best Paint Colors for Each Room in the Home

Posted on Jan 12th 2019


The Best Paint Colors for Each Room in the Home

Happy 2019! It's officially a new year, filled with potential and fresh starts. What better way to celebrate than giving your home a fresh paint job? If you're looking for some inspiration to repaint some outdated spaces for the new year, here are the best paint colors for each room in the home, brought to you by our expert interior painters.

Kitchen/Dining Room

Warm colors like red, orange and yellow are perfect for kitchens/dining rooms. The kitchen and the dining room are spaces where family and friends can get together to eat good food and create memories, and so you want them to have a happy and lively atmosphere. Reds stimulate the appetite and raise energy levels in a room, making it perhaps the ideal color for kitchens and dining rooms. Orange is more cheerful and can help increase socialization (it also supposedly helps with digestion), and yellows are wonderful for creating the illusion of sunshine and bring warmth and energy into the room. If you're looking for something less saturated, white and and other neutrals make spaces feel bigger and help rooms to flow easily, and deeper colors like brown create a cozier environment. Steer away from cooler dark colors, though, as they have a tendency to suck the life out of the room.

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Living Room

Living room color schemes are more difficult to pin down because it's a multipurpose space. People want a variety of different atmospheres for it. Some want a calm place to unwind (light blues and greens are perfect to create this relaxing feel), some are looking for an energetic space (in this case, those reds, oranges, and yellows will be useful), and some want a more muted appearance (moodier, darker colors can work in rooms that have a lot of light without feeling oppressive). It all depends on what emotion you're looking to invoke out of your living room. Just try to lean to the side of relaxing tones, as social situations usually hype up enough energy, and an overly vibrant room can be too much for daily living.

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Bathrooms are usually the first room you'll see in the morning beside your bedroom, so you don't want the color to be overstimulating. Softer colors like peach, sky blue, white, cream, aqua, pastels, and neutrals make for a more relaxing energy. Avoid darker colors as well. Bathrooms are usually on the smaller side, and painting them in deeper shades makes the space feel even smaller and dreary.

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Like bathrooms, bedrooms shouldn't be painted in too saturated, intense colors. Bedrooms are spaces you want to be able to relax in, and you don't want to be stuck in one where the colors put you on edge or increase your heart rate. Milder colors like light blues, grays, greens, pinks, and neutrals help the room be a calmer place to both fall asleep and start your day in. Purple, though it's next to blue on the color wheel and would seem to have a similar effect as it, surprisingly leads to a worse night's sleep, so try avoiding it instead. Cool browns and gray-browns are also ones to sidestep as they can make the room feel too bleak.

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An office works best when associated with and/or promoting creative thinking to get your best work done. A good paint color is the best way to get this environment. Once again, an overstimulating red is best to stay away from, but oranges and yellows are effective in small amounts as they promote imagination and cheerfulness. Green, however, is the ideal color for offices. Studies have indicated that green can help relieve stress and reading comprehension; perfect to implement in a room where a lot of work gets done. It's also one of the most soothing colors to the eye and encourages a more relaxed and comforting mood.

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Entryways are often overlooked when looking for a space to redesign, but they hold a lot of untapped potential. It's the first thing people see when they walk into your home, and it serves as the prelude to the rest of the house, so you want it to set the tone properly. Have some fun with it! Try using bold colors that pack a dramatic punch without being overbearing, like teal, orange, raspberry, violet, or coral. You have a lot of freedom to be out-there with your color choice in an entryway.

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Color is a powerful tool in interior design to invoke different emotions and atmospheres. It is perhaps the most important element to consider when designing a new space. But it's also a very personal thing, and really depends on unique aspects of the space and how you want the room to make you feel. Color "rules" should be taken more as guidelines and can absolutely be bent and played with. Before you choose your color scheme, analyze the space and decide on what you think will make the finished room the most comfortable and effective in its purpose.

Do you have any questions? Contact one of our Painter1 professional house painters today to discuss discuss repainting your home for the new year. We're happy to help!