12 of the Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Posted on Jul 18th 2014


12 of the Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Just because a bathroom is small and (usually) has pretty limited light, doesn’t mean it needs to fall by the wayside in your home’s design scheme. With the right paint, decor, and use of space, you can make a bathroom shine! To help make the design process a little easier, we’ve put together 12 of the best bathroom paint colors.

Aptly named Bathe Blue by Sherwin Williams is the perfect bathroom color

This gorgeous paint color is one of our top choices for the best bathroom colors of all time. For a modern look, pair it with darker woods and white accents, since lighter woods can tend to make this pretty blue color look a little too much like a nursery.




Mountain Stream by Sherwin Williams. Beautiful Paint Color

Since we are particularly in love with blues for bathrooms this season (and any season, really) we have to include this earthy blue. Avoid this color if you have walnut cabinets, as the color can start to look a little old-fashioned.

Daredevil Orange accents

Would you rather have a little spice in your bathroom? Then maybe this cinnamony orange is the right pick for you. If you’re not blessed with gorgeous wood walls, orange can still be a gorgeous accent when paired with dark browns, whites, and golds.

Rugged Brown by Sherwin Williams, a warm, gorgeous color for a brown bathroom

If you’re looking for an earthy color, then try brown. Make sure to pair it with white, nickel, and other light accents, otherwise your room may start looking too dark.

Beautiful beach bathroom color - Drizzle by Sherwin Williams

Maybe we’re craving a beach vacation, or maybe we’re just in love with this color. Beachy and gorgeous, this color will pair with nearly any vanity on the planet.

Certain Peach by Sherwin Williams is a great bathroom paint color

Want to take a risk and buy into the peach trend while producing a look that’s truly classic and timeless? Then peach is your answer. With just enough beige to make it a neutral and just enough peach to make it interesting, you can be certain that this color will be the best bathroom paint color you can pick.

Gratifying Green by Sherwin Williams | Light sage green bathroom color with white and wicker accents

As far as sage greens go, you’ve probably already figured out that you want to go with something lighter in a room as small as a bathroom. It will pair well with nearly any wood, light or dark, as long as you keep your accents light to keep the room from feeling too dreary.

Perfect bathroom paint colors - Tantalizing Teal by Sherwin Williams

This color is a little more trendy than we’d usually put on a “Best Bathroom Paint Colors” list, but we’re adding anyway just because it’s so cool… Especially paired with those glistening fish scale tiles.

Sherwin Williams Inviting Ivory is the perfect color for a timeless neutral bath

Gold is a nifty color that is not only trendy right now, but is also projected to remain classic and elegant indefinitely. This particular gold color isn’t even really a gold at all; it’s goldish ivory and is the perfect color for a timeless, neutral bath.

Sherwin Williams Tame Teal bathroom with white and yellow accents

You may not normally think to pair a lovely, country teal with yellow accents, but after seeing this beautiful bathroom, how can you not? White an light woods will look best with this color, but you could get away with darker woods as long as you have ceramic white accents.

White bathroom with Gladiola by Sherwin Williams deep orange coral accent wall

All other design temptations aside, coral is king in the best bathroom paint color battle. Perhaps too much for all four walls, but perfect otherwise this color is bright, bold, inviting, and trendy all at the same time.