Ampersand Design - 20 reasons you should have an & in your home decor

Posted on Sep 24th 2014


Ampersand Design - 20 reasons you should have an & in your home decor

If you’ve been making the rounds on the interior design blogosphere lately (like we have), then you have almost certainly run into some magnificent ampersand design decor pieces. It didn’t take more than a glance for us to get excited about this latest decor trend, which means, of course, that we had to do some digging and put together an inspirational blog for our readers about this fabulous symbol.

Vintage ampersand

While trendy, the ampersand is also used as an expression of symbolism that can differ from person to person. Traditionally, of course, the ampersand is a symbol representing “and,” but to most who use it in their home decor, an “&” means much more than that.

You and me ampersand print

The most common symbolism of an ampersand in interior home design is as a symbol of commitment:  “You & Me.” You’ve probably seen ampersands in wedding decor as well. It shows that two people are joined — they are each others’ “and,” meaning there is not one without the other.

Straight angled ampersand wood sculpture

A more traditional view of the ampersand is that it is a broken infinity sign, reminding us that nothing lasts forever, but that there is always more to come.

Ampersand vinyl lettering on wall

For a few clever wordsmiths, publishers, and graphic designers, using an ampersand in home design is a nod of typographical appreciation to words, letters, and fonts.

Ampersand on mantle & home decor

Many see & as a symbol of family, as in “You &…” and consider it a closer and more intimate relationship to others than “and” spelled out, i.e.:  “Me & You” vs. “Me and You” has less distance between the two words.

Ampersand wall decor

To some, the meaning is religious, meaning to love God & others. It may also mean to some that nothing lasts forever except the love of God.

Watercolor ampersand design art piece

Some consider the ampersand design a symbol of discovery.

Using ampersands in home decorating

“And – I am not finished. There is always more.” -Jeanier Hondes

Meaning of ampersand symbolism

“Seems as though we build and construct everything thinking it will last a lifetime, yet it rarely does, leaving us ever-confused. An ampersand gives us hope that there is always an ‘and.'” – Unknown

Ampersand on a gallery wall

Others, still, may see the ampersand as a reminder to listen to both your heart & soul.

Ampersand in home decor symbolism

With the explosion of ampersand design, there’s also been a flood of DIY ampersand home decor, including this homemade Hollywood marquee sign style ampersand for a mantle.

DIY & wall decor

Or this DIY ampersand made of gold thumbtacks.

Ampersand in unique gallery wall setup

An ampersand can make a lovely addition to a gallery wall.

Gold sculpture & ampersand

A masterfully sculpted thin ampersand in gold shows style and class.

Ampersand in home decor

Or maybe you like to show off your ampersand in a quirky art eco print.

Ampersand decorative pillow in beautiful bedroom

Wall art, decor pieces, decorative pillows — it seems there are few places that an ampersand can’t squeeze into.

& in home decor

Where does an “&” fit into your home decor, and what does it mean to you?