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The Best and Worst Colors for Office Painting

Post by: McKenzie on Jun 23rd 2019

Colors have been proven to have a compelling influence on our emotions. We often apply this concept with the paint we choose in our homes, but it can be equally responsive when used in a workplace. Certain colors can improve the moral and performance of your team, but some can also hinder their efficiency and diminish their attitude throughout the day. Knowing the different emotional effects of colors will help you to design an office better suited for maximum productivity. Here are the best and worst colors for office painting, brought to you by our professional painting contractors.

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How to Choose a Wall Color That Complements Your Hardwood Flooring

Post by: McKenzie on Jun 10th 2019

We take great care to choose wall colors that can accompany the surrounding decor and purpose of a space, but there’s another important aspect that should be taken into account: the color of your hardwood floor. While carpets are still a popular feature, hardwood floors seem to be the dominant interior design trend of the moment. And there are a lot of colors to choose from. Your hardwood may be stained, painted, or left with its natural color, but whatever color it is will hold a surprisingly critical amount of influence over the wall color. Knowing what paint will look best can be a confusing task. Here are some tips on how to choose a wall color that best complements your hardwood flooring, brought to you by our expert interior painters.

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Should You Paint Your Ceiling

Post by: McKenzie on May 22nd 2019

Though ceilings are frequently an afterthought in the design of a room, they’re a valuable design feature when utilized. The color of your ceiling is just as important as that of your walls. White ceilings are a classic, safe choice, but if you never look at anything different you may be missing out on the opportunity to add some character and innovation to the space. Here are some reasons you should consider painting your ceiling, brought to you by our expert interior painters.

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Ideas for Painting a Master Bedroom

Post by: McKenzie on May 4th 2019

Choosing the paint color for any room in your home is a big decision, but choosing the color for your master bedroom carries a little more weight to it. It’s different from any other space you decorate; it’s your private, personal space, and you want to have it reflect your personality and style. What color you paint the room is the basis for this design. Here are some of our favorite ideas for what color to paint your master bedroom, brought to you by our professional painting contractors.

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How to Remove the Smell of New Paint

Post by: McKenzie on Apr 20th 2019

A fresh coat of paint completely rejuvenates the presence and atmosphere of any room, but lingering paint odor can sour the excitement pretty quickly. While low-VOC and low-odor paints are prevalent in today’s market, many brands still offer traditional oil-based paints that will leave behind fumes as their high solvent content lingers in the air. Yes, the smell will disappear once the paint has dried and the solvents have fully evaporated, but that still leaves plenty of time for you to be exposed to the fumes and their effects, such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, or breathing difficulties. Fortunately, there are many DIY solutions to eliminating the bothersome fumes. Here are some tips on how to remove the odor of paint after professional painting, brought to you by our professional interior painters.

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