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What to Do With Your Leftover Paint

Post by: McKenzie on Feb 20th 2019

No matter how hard you try to only buy the amount of paint you need, sometimes you find yourself at the end of your project stuck with half a can of unused paint, having totally overestimated. Leftover paint is a common accident, but it needs to be properly handled whether you decide to get rid of it or save it. Here are some tips on what to do with your leftover paint, brought to you by our interior painting professionals.

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Color Trends for 2019

Post by: McKenzie on Feb 4th 2019

We may already be a little over a month into 2019, but it's never too late to finally go through with that new paint job you've been meaning to start. Fortunately, there are some exciting new trends to find inspiration from this year. Here are some of the most popular color trends for trends, brought to you by our interior painting experts.

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How to Make an Old House Feel New Again

Post by: McKenzie on Jan 23rd 2019

Older homes have an irresistible sense of charm, but they also often come with features that are undeniably outdated. This causes a lot of frustration in homeowners who want to renovate. Fear of losing the home's character and a small budget may be stopping your dreams of improving your home in their tracks. But there are still many ways to modernize that don't break the bank or involve drastic changes to that vintage allure. Here are ideas to help you make your old house feel new again, brought to you by our professional house painters.

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The Best Paint Colors for Each Room in the Home

Post by: McKenzie on Jan 12th 2019

Happy 2019! It's officially a new year, filled with potential and fresh starts. What better way to celebrate than giving your home a fresh paint job? If you're looking for some inspiration to repaint some outdated spaces for the new year, here are the best paint colors for each room in the home, brought to you by our expert interior painters.

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The Difference Between Oil and Latex Paint

Post by: McKenzie on Dec 23rd 2018

If you're considering painting or re-painting a room in your house you may be caught on a common snag of many homeowners: "Should I use oil- or latex- based paint?". If you don't know the pros and cons of the two it's difficult to make a solid decision. Here are some of the major differences between oil and latex paints, brought to you by Painter1's experts in painting services.

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