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The Difference Between Oil and Latex Paint

Post by: McKenzie on Dec 23rd 2018

If you're considering painting or re-painting a room in your house you may be caught on a common snag of many homeowners: "Should I use oil- or latex- based paint?". If you don't know the pros and cons of the two it's difficult to make a solid decision. Here are some of the major differences between oil and latex paints, brought to you by Painter1's experts in painting services.

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Christmas Color Trends

Post by: McKenzie on Dec 14th 2018

If you've spent the past year with the same old color scheme on your walls, the dynamic energy of Christmastime may be inspiring you to try something new as the year comes to a close. Even though the weather outside is often cold and dark, the season has some of the most beautiful and joyful color schemes (or maybe the muted outdoor colors are giving you just as much inspiration; try whatever catches your interest!). Here are some of the most popular Christmas colors to use in your home this winter, brought to you by our professional painters.

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Selecting the Right Primer

Post by: McKenzie on Nov 20th 2018

You've probably heard that priming is a significant step in the painting process, but trying to sort through scores of primer selections and decide on just one is intimidating. Here are some tips on selecting the right primer for your project, brought to you by our professional painting contractors.

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Faux Painting Techniques

Post by: McKenzie on Nov 11th 2018

Faux finish painting has been around for a long time, and covers a full array of painting techniques. Using these methods, you can mimic the textures and appearances of other surfaces with some paint and other tools. If you're looking for something more creative to do with your next paint job, here are some popular faux painting techniques, brought to you by our professional home painters.

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Refresh Your Paint for the Holidays

Post by: McKenzie on Oct 19th 2018

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be itching to revamp your home's interior before playing host to the legion of guests the season brings. Here are some of the easiest ways to make an old paint job look new again for the holidays, brought to you by Painter1's interior painting professionals.

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