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The Best Living Room Colors

Post by: McKenzie on Aug 14th 2018

The living room is often considered the centerpiece of a house, so you want it to be show-stopping. Choosing your ideal color will create something special to set the tone for the rest of your home. Here are some of the most gorgeous living room interior paint colors to make your space stand out.

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The Difference Between Paint Finishes

Post by: McKenzie on Aug 7th 2018

At first thought, the sheen of your paint doesn't seem nearly as important as the color, but the finish of your paint makes a big impact. Choosing the best finish for different areas and surfaces of your home will help you get the best effect that will highlight the best parts of your home. Here are some of the different paint finishes you can choose from, brought to you by our house painting professionals.

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How to Remove Wallpaper

Post by: McKenzie on Jul 19th 2018

An outdated or unfashionable wallpaper can ruin an otherwise beautiful room decor. If you're feeling tired of your room's wallpaper, don't feel like you have to live with it forever. Here are some easy steps to remove your wallpaper, brought to you by our professional interior painters.

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The Psychology Behind Paint

Post by: McKenzie on Jul 5th 2018

Though it can seem a bit tedious, there's a good reason so much thought needs to be put into choosing the perfect paint color for any room. As many interior painters know, more than just a visual experience; color has a strong psychological effect on our moods and emotions. So how do you know what color to choose?

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How to Use Black in Interior Design

Post by: McKenzie on Jun 19th 2018

Black never seems to go out of style, especially in interior design. But people are often afraid to utilize it in their home because they don't exactly know how to incorporate it in a way that works. Here are some tips to using black in your home's design, brought to you by Painter1's interior painting professionals.

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