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Years of cooking and entertaining will deteriorate the beauty of your kitchen, especially if you have a large family. From spills and grease splatters to pet paws scratching the floors, there are many reasons you may be considering a kitchen makeover. However, once you configure the cost of new flooring, tiling, countertops and paint, this dream project may seem more extensive than you once thought. Thankfully, there is a trick that can freshen up an outdated kitchen at a fraction of the cost!

Cabinet painting or refinishing is a project that many homeowners take on when they feel like their kitchen needs a facelift. Paired with fresh wall paint, this update can completely restore your kitchen. If you are searching for "cabinet painters near me Austin," the Painter1 team has you covered!

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At Painter1 of Austin we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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At Painter1 of Austin we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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At Painter1, we take pride in our work. We have the experience, knowledge and skill necessary for kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing. All important aspects are considered, from humidity levels and countertop material to color, finish and configurations. While cabinet painting is a simpler project than a complete kitchen renovation, you should still rely on professional painters for a job well done!

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