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8 Fresh Paint Colors for Summer

Posted on Jun 10th 2022


8 Fresh Paint Colors for Summer

Summer is officially here, and with the fresh air and sunny afternoons comes a sense of new beginnings. You aren’t alone if the start of summer has inspired a desire for change in your interior design! If you need some inspiration for the perfect summer shade for your home, Painter1 in Austin is happy to help! We've compiled 8 of our favorite paint color picks to make your home feel like summer even when the weather turns cold once again.

Sunshine Yellow

What better way to welcome summer into your home than embracing this bright, warm shade? Sunshine yellow works as both a cheerful pop of color on an accent wall or complimented by more subdued neutrals such as sage green, gray-blue, or off-white. While you should avoid excessive use of this color due to the possibility of overstimulation, a splash of yellow is an easy way to bring the joy of summertime into your visual design.

Yellow adds a cheerful pop - contact Painter1 in Austin for your next painting project.

Sage Green

This hue is perfect to ground your space in a sense of nature. While it is muted enough to avoid visual fatigue with overuse, it is also refreshing and inspiring enough to define whatever space you use it in. Use it as a backdrop in private rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms to create a sense of calm and softness, or try it as an accent color in your kitchen or living space to inspire creativity. You can also successfully pair it with a variety of neutral accent colors, such as wood tones, white, or gray shades.

Sage green is soothing and natural - check out other green options with Painter1 in Austin.

Sky Blue

Want to feel like you’re forever basking in the fresh air of summer even when you’re indoors? Try painting your walls an airy shade of sky blue! This pale, light color is aptly suited for a variety of spaces, and it works well as both an accent color and a base shade. Try pairing it with a neutral palette, such as greens, grays, whites, and beiges to truly create a sense of the outdoors.

Sky blue paint with Painter1 in Austin is a happy airy choice - perfect for summer.

Coral Pink

Whether muted or bold, coral pink has a playfulness to it that livens up any space. Not too pink as to feel over-the-top, coral pairs well with both neutrals and deeper tones such as black or navy to serve as a welcome shot of energy. Try utilizing it in the bedroom for a modern update that packs a big summery punch as a backdrop to softer tones.

Coral pink is playful and versatile - learn more with Painter1 in Austin.


Consider utilizing a rich burgundy if you’re looking for an alternative to summer’s standard airy, bright tones. This warm, sophisticated tone will add depth and dimension to your space while bringing to mind the last moments of a blazing sunset on a perfect summer’s night. Use it as a dramatic base paired with light warm shades or as an accent to neutrals such as brown, beige, or white.

Burgundy is sophisticated and warm - Painter1 in Austin has many options in your area.


If you’re in search of a color palette that will make you feel like you’re living in a summer daydream, look no further than pastels! Lilac, peach, mint, baby blue, creamsicle, bubblegum; these shades will enchant you year-round in any space you choose. Try contrasting them with darker tones to create visual interest or pair them with golds and neutral tones to dive headfirst into the summer fantasy!

Pastel pink gives a dreamy look to this room - contact Painter1 in Austin to see other pastel options.


Orange is often an underused color in interior design, and tangerine provides a more refined twist on the shade. This is a shade that works especially well in living spaces as a surprising splash of color. Delve into its whimsical side by pairing it with pastels such as blue, lilac, or mint, or play it safe by making it an accent color against a neutral palette.

Oranges are bright and energetic additions to a room - reach out to Painter1 in Austin for help with this bold choice.

Navy Blue

This mysterious, timeless shade will leave you feeling like you’ve jumped into the ocean even on the hottest of summer days. Navy blue’s versatility as a dramatic yet calming color allows it to be used in virtually any space, from the bathroom to the entryway to the kitchen. You can also play with the grandiosity of the space by pairing this shade with decadent accents such as gold, velvet green, or burgundy, or balance it with softer hues such as white or gray.

A timeless and elegant shade, dark blue is the representation of the ocean. It’s also mysterious and super classy and looks amazing with golden details and greenery.

Navy blue is classic, calming, and nautical - Painter1 in Austin is excited to help with your next painting project.

The start of this bright, sunny season may inspire you to create a breath of fresh air in your interior design. If you’re looking to repaint your home in time for summer, Painter1 in Austin is prepared to take care of all your painting needs. Check out our website today to learn more about our interior painting services!