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New paint is the easiest way to freshen up any interior space in your home. Whether you apply a fresh application of the same color or change things up with a different color palette, new paint breathes new life into any room. Expert application is important to ensure smooth, clean lines. Only a professional house painter can provide a quality paint job in a timely manner. DIY painting may be suitable for small pieces of furniture, but interior walls are a different story.

Why you should hire a professional painter near you:

  • Professionals can complete a painting job in half the time you could.
  • Clean application requires professional grade painting tools.
  • Expert painters can assist you with color selection.
  • No need to worry about clean-up - the house painters will take care of it!

The Painter1 of Atlanta Promise

Below are the values we instill within our company and strive to abide by every day.

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Cost Efficient & Up-front Pricing
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2 Year Warranty & Guarantee
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Clean Work Areas
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Reliable Crew & Quality Work

Our years of painting experience guarantees we will get the job done right, in a timely manner, and on budget!

At Painter1 of Atlanta we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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At Painter1 of Atlanta we are able to recognize the unique and different challenges that come with your painting project.

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Painter1 of Atlanta is the local painting company you can count on for quality painting and excellent customer service. We take the time to understand your design ideas, help you choose the right colors and apply each layer of paint with precision. You'll be impressed with our work down to every last detail! Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Painter1 has experienced and professional house painters near you in Atlanta for all your interior painting needs.

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