Walk-In Closet Design Tips

Posted on Jul 8th 2021


Walk-In Closet Design Tips

Large Or Small, It's A Room All Of Its Own

A walk-in closet is essential to many homeowners and should be as awe-inspiring as the rest of your home, if not more. A thoughtfully appointed walk-in offers the perfect start (or end) to your day. Walk-ins have advanced to something beyond just a place to store clothing. For many, walk-in closets are more like personalized havens and private sanctuaries.

Designing your closet to meet your needs is a must to receive the full benefit of owning a custom walk-in. Getting ready for the day is more enjoyable when your walk-in closet feels relaxing and comfortable.

Here are a few design tips for your future walk-in closet from the expert team at Painter1 of Atlanta.

Adjustable Features

The best closet designs are adjustable. An adjustable closet is where rods, shelves, drawers, and other organizational accessories can be moved around with ease. For example, adjustable shelves will make your closet very functional and adaptable. They allow you to accommodate everything from bulky sweaters and blankets to lightweight tees. This flexible feature, among others, ensures that your closet organization system is a long-standing investment that can adapt to your changing needs over time.

Dream walk-in-closet with adjustable features & finished with painting services from Painter1 of Atlanta.

The biggest mistake most people make when painting their closet is going a bit too bold with their color selection. It makes sense you would want to try something fun with this space, considering this is a room of its own. But the color of your walls directly impacts the way your clothes look. So carefully choose interior paint colors for your closet that will best highlight your style. Painting the walls in your walk in the correct color can transform it from an ordinary space to a stylish and refreshing area. Neutral colors, such as tan, beige, white or gray are a good choice for most closets. Neutral walls make closets more visually appealing and present a starker contrast between the closet walls and their contents.

Provide Seating

How many times have you fought with a wall trying to slip on a pair of shoes? How wonderful would it be to not have to do that? Imagine sitting in the sanctuary of your walk-in closet, quickly slipping on a pair of shoes. A stylish storage bench allows for just that. Adding a built-in storage bench to your walk-in is a great way to provide seating without taking too much space. You could also add some character with accent seating. Having a comfortable place to sit while getting ready can instantly make a closet feel more elegant.

Get a professional painting service from Painter1 of Atlanta to finish the walk in closet of your dreams.

Rugs are the easiest way to add intense colors to your walk-in closet. Purchase a plush area rug in your favorite color to personalize and add some texture to your closet. If your walk-in is narrow and windowless, try adding a runner to introduce warmth and dimension.

Build An Island

An island is an excellent addition to any walk-in if space allows it. A center island offers a multifunctional design that allows for superior organization. Not only will it provide you with extra storage space, but it's also a surface for folding clothes. A large center island with drawers and cubbies offers additional storage space for shoes and accessories.

Beautiful open walk-in-closet painted by professionals from Painter1 of Atlanta.
Upgrade Your Hangers

Tiny details matter. Ditch the white plastic hangers for a stylish set of non-slip velvet hangers. Narrow velvet hangers look modern, are easier on your garments and take up less space than bulky plastic or wooden options. They will make a massive difference in the way your closet functions, taking it from drab to fab instantly.

Colored hangers on a white background painted with products from Painter1 of Atlanta.
Elevate Your Vanity

The addition of a built-in table can turn the master closet into a complete dressing room with a built-in table. A table can also turn a walk-in into a private office space, easily doubling into a desk. With the rise of working from home, is there any other place as quiet and favorable to get work done than from the comfort of your private sanctuary?

Display Cabinets

To make the room feel less cluttered, opt for display cabinets rather than solid doors. Display cabinets will maximize every inch of space while showcasing your style. The transparency will open up space, allowing it to feel airier and, well, less like a closet.

Gorgeous walk-in-closet with display cabinets stained by professionals painters near you from Painter1 of Atlanta.

The great thing about mirrors is that they don't take up much space, so even the humblest walk-ins can get away with this addition. Your walk-in closet is where you will try on the most outfits, so it makes sense to incorporate a full-body mirror into your space. And you can get innovative with it. Mirroring doors inside your closet can make your modest closet look larger. If your closet is on the bigger side, build a three-paneled mirror. There's a reason why most dressing rooms utilize three-paneled mirrors- they allow you to see your outfit from every angle. Even better, introducing a three-paneled mirror to your closet will make the room feel more significant than it already is. Who wouldn't want that?

Let There Be Light!

Lighting is everything when you're getting ready for the day or trying to wind down. It can dramatically impact the overall functionality of a space. Thoughtful lighting blends practical illumination with boutique effects that will highlight your favorite pieces. The strategic placement of recessed lights at top shelves or ribbon lights along edges creates a delightful ambiance and keeps showcased pieces organized.

Stunning walk-in-closet with amazing lighting and finished with painting & staining services from Painter1 of Atlanta.

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