Refresh Your Kitchen With These Trending Paint Colors

Posted on Jul 3rd 2023


Refresh Your Kitchen With These Trending Paint Colors

It is the season for picnics, dining out on the patio, and backyard BBQs. Almost as if it’s summer break for the kitchen. What better time to freshen up the most used room in the house than right now? When the cooking returns indoors, you’ll have a space that is a little brighter, bolder, sleek, or warm and cozy. Whichever vibe you want to bring into your home, there is a color for you. Here’s what’s trending for kitchens in 2023, brought to you by Painter1!

Navy and Black Cabinets

Cabinets in shades of black or navy are trending in the kitchen for their ability to create a bold, moody and sophisticated atmosphere. A few popular color options are Kendall Charcoal or Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. Shades like these can really make details like brass hardware pop.

Add a moody bold atmosphere with colors like this navy blue to your space - service provided by Painter1

Soft Yellows

Perhaps you’d like to go bold but in the other direction. Rather than a brooding and modern atmosphere, you’re going for something brighter, lighter, and more joyful. In this case, a grounded yellow color could be just the thing. To keep a color like yellow from overpowering a room, choose a focused area to paint, like the cabinetry below your island or your coffee bar shelving. Dandelion Wish by BEHR is a current shade gaining popularity.

Paint your kitchen soft yellow so its fun, happy, and inviting - service provided by Painter1


Greens of all shades have become popular for homes in recent years, and the trend continues to hold firm in 2023. Forest Green by Benjamin Moore is a bold dark green that brings an outdoorsy richness indoors. As with any color, the varying shades of green will bring an array of possibilities to any room. A cool, light green like Benjamin Moore’s Flora on your kitchen walls would create a warm subtle elegance to your space. To find the right green, first, decide on the style and feeling you want to evoke each time you find yourself in the kitchen.

No matter the mood you want, green can take you there - painting services provided by Painter1.

Warm Neutrals

Similar to the appeal that green has had in the world of home decor, neutral shades are big this year. Neutral tones with names like Butter Milk or Annapolis Gray, both by Benjamin Moore, are trending because they bring an organic warmth to the home. Inspired by nature, these colors will bring your home a clean, calm ambiance. A new and blooming twist to this neutral color pallet is the addition of muted shades of pink. Pinks are appearing on accent walls, cabinets, and even as the color of choice for tiles. Muted pinks naturally elicit elegance and grace. Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball is one option to consider when venturing into the possibilities of pink.

Pink adds so many possiblities to your space - contact Painter1 so we can add it for you!

Classic Gray

A color trend that is not going anywhere is the classic gray. Gray can be the perfect timeless color for any kitchen. Depending on the shade, you could create a moody and modern environment or that of a classic farmhouse. With this choice, you will likely be happy with it for years.

Beautifully painted gray kitchen cabinets, classic and unbeatable - services provided by Painter1

Whether you’re ready for a revamp of the color scheme in your kitchen or just want to refurbish those lower island cabinets, there is a color right for your project. Tackle your kitchen update this summer with the help of Painter1. We can help you pick the right paint that will keep you feeling cozy in the kitchen for years to come and get the job done right. Contact us today!