Paint Colors That Help You Keep Cool

Posted on Jun 7th 2023


Paint Colors That Help You Keep Cool

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy about summer, but a higher energy bill isn’t one of them. While it may come as no surprise that your home’s exterior paint color can affect indoor temperatures, did you know interior paint colors can also affect it? If you’re looking for ways to keep cool this summer and refresh your home, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to do both. Here are some tips to help keep your home looking (and feeling) great in the warmer months from the experts at Painter1.

Avoid Dark Colors

This may seem like a no-brainer. The closer a color is to black, the more heat it retains. If the exterior of your house is painted a darker color, you’re likely to see your heating bill increase. Darker colors inside your home are also likely to retain heat. Additionally, darker colors fade more quickly than lighter ones do. They are more likely to absorb water, leaving you with mold and mildew. You’ll invest more time and money to keep darker surfaces looking nice.

Warm vs Cool Colors

Updating your home's exterior or interior paint is an investment of time and money, so you want to select colors you will enjoy for the years to come. Choosing the right paint color can also increase your home's value. Fortunately, there are many options available on the market that are both fashionable and practical. A good rule of thumb is to consider "warm" vs. "cool" colors in connection to how dark or light the color is. Warm colors like yellow, red, and orange are more likely to retain or give the impression of heat. In contrast, cool colors like blue, green, and purple are more likely to repel heat or give the impression of cold.

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Stick to Light Colors, Inside and Out

A beautiful ivory home thats perfect for keepign your home cool in the summer - painting service provided by Painter1.

For the outside of your home, the best option is white. We call white a color, but in reality, white is the absence of color. It will reflect 100% of the light that touches the surface of your home. Of course, that doesn't mean your house won't get any heat, but it will make a significant difference.

If you'd prefer something with a little more color, so to speak, there are plenty of other light colors that can give your home a bit of personality without raising the temperature inside too much.

Cool-toned colors like blue and green may be more natural options to keep out the heat. Still, any hue blended with white will affect the overall temperature. It's no wonder so many homes in hot states use light, pastel colors!

While your home's exterior paint will make the most difference in your energy bill, rooms that receive lots of sunlight can still be cooled down with some smart paint choices. For rooms that don't receive much sunlight, lighter colors can help them feel brighter and more open while still staying calm and cool. As with exterior paints, the lighter a color is, the more likely it will reflect heat.

The Best Colors for Keeping Cool

Besides white, there are many other colors to consider for your home's interior and exterior to help your energy bills stay low. Pair any of these paint colors with chic white trim on the outside for a friendly, classic look, and follow our tips below for using them indoors as well.

Sage is a perfect color to keep your home cool and your energy bill down - painting service provided by Painter1.
  • Yellow

  • Variations of yellow are a classic option for almost any room in a home and a home's exterior. Yellow is warmer than white without being as bold as other warm-colored options like red or orange, and pastel yellow works as a fantastic neutral foundation that you can use to build the overall aesthetic of a room. Pair yellow with bold accents like magenta or cobalt blue to give a room energy without raising the temperature.

  • Purple

  • Pale versions of purple (like mauve and lilac) have made a comeback in styling lately, and it's easy to see why. Purples are generally relaxing and cozy, making them an excellent option for an office, living room, or bedroom space where you don't want to feel stressed. Try pairing a pale purple with natural accents, including woods and metals, for a chic, modern vibe.

  • Greens

  • Looking to bring the feeling of the outdoors in? A subtle variation on green could be just the right starting point! Green-gray tones like sage are especially popular right now thanks to their ability to conjure the feeling of nature blended with the richness of a spa. Like purples, soft greens pair well with natural accents while coordinating well with other variations of green. Bring in some house plants and find some emerald throw pillows to create a luxurious, relaxing, and cool living room or bedroom.

  • Blues

  • Did you know rooms with blue walls reportedly lower your heart rate and blood pressure? Perhaps because of their association with beaches and clear skies, rooms with blue walls are practically magic! Soft blue colors, especially variations on robin egg blue, are a gorgeous foundational color for any room. Blue will set off the rest of your decor beautifully.

Not sure where to start or need some advice on choosing the perfect color for your home? Contact your local Painter1. We'll help you find the best paint for your home and set you up for comfort in your home not only in the summer months ahead but throughout the year.