Bring on Beige! How to Use This Neutral Color in Your Space

Posted on Apr 13th 2023


Bring on Beige! How to Use This Neutral Color in Your Space

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to refresh the paint in your home to prepare for evenings you’ll spend entertaining friends and peaceful mornings you’ll enjoy basking in natural light. Modern Beige is leading the world of home decor with new and diverse shades that can support your aesthetic and welcome more summer warmth into your home. From linen to tan, Painter1 is ready to help you beckon in the next era of beige.

Beige is Best

Make your home a place of tranquility by surrounding yourself in shades of beige. Beige aids in relaxation as earthy colors remind us of hues found in nature. It can also complement any color which allows you to transition from season to season by making small decor changes without having to choose new base colors every time. Encompass yourself in your favorite colors through accents and decor knowing that beige walls will amplify and support the details that make your home a truly unique reflection of your personality.

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Beige is a complex spectrum encompassing colors from off-white to tan to classic sandy shades of beige. At Painter1, we strive to help you select colors that will truly support your vision for your home while staying informed on the latest interior design trends. Two leading off-white colors this season are Moderate White and Aesthetic White by Sherwin Williams

Rich and creamy, Moderate White accentuates warm colors. Pair this shade with red or orange throw pillows and darker wooden floors in a bedroom. If you're looking for a bolder design, painting one wall or part of a wall with a reddish brown or fiery orange accent color will add style to a room while preserving warmth and natural light.

An off-white beige painted bedrooom - a service provided by Painter1.

Aesthetic White adds a far more subtle glow to a room. While muted, this off-white can work as both a base and an accent color to bring a clean sense of serenity to your kitchen while avoiding the sterile feelings a stark white can provoke. Aesthetic White also contains gray undertones, so it pairs well with cooler accent colors like blues or greens.


Prefer colors that have a yellow undertone? Tan may be an excellent choice for your walls. Painting a hallway or entryway tan can provide a great backdrop for family photos or statement art pieces. It can easily transition to warmer or cooler colors in the rest of your home.

Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore is a subtle tan with light yellow undertones that will capitalize on the sunlight that hits an entryway or stairwell. Canvas Tan by Sherwin Williams can update a dining space with a grounded neutral that appears more muted than a purely beige hue.

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Tans work nicely when paired with an off-white. Consider playing in the range of beige available by utilizing tan as the base for your walls and painting your molding and cabinets off-white to add variety and depth to your living space.

Simply Beige

Modern shades of beige employ comforting and warm notes of orange in their dominant undertone, and their secondary undertones can range from subtle pinks to earthy greens giving you a wide variety of shades to select from.

Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams is the color for those nervous about giving up the gray trend for good. With orange and gray undertones, this shade of beige welcomes warmth and light without the bright golden glow often associated with beige. Pair this sandy shade with black decor and darker furniture to give a common area a classic feel.

On the warmer side of the spectrum, Benjamin Moore's Shaker Beige has slight pink undertones. A colorfully patterned rug or bold curtains will pair well with this shade, making it the perfect color to brighten up a nook or office.

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Make Your Style Pop

The magic of beige is that it supports bold color and design choices. Here are a few ways beige can complement your design choices:

  • Make artwork pop. When using beige as a backdrop, artwork and photos take center stage.
  • Have fun with texture. Adding ruffled or lace curtains to a window or incorporating other textural artwork on your walls keeps a beige room from becoming blasé while helping it stay cozy.
  • Add some sparkle. If you love a touch of glitzy glamor, modern beige is the perfect choice to pair with metallics. Beige makes a little glitter go a long way, whether it's metallic detail on furniture or some well-placed accents.
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Ready to Bring On Beige?

While beige never went entirely out of style, it's been around 15 years since it was trending. The appearance of beige depends on the amount of natural light that hits a room, so you must see beige in action before you pass judgment on it. Modern beige glows differently than the golden shades that reigned a decade ago. A new paint job will update and highlight the style your home already contains.

When you're ready to make the switch to beige, trust the team at Painter1 to bring sunshine to your home with a fresh paint job!

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