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5% / Declining

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2% national add fund

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On-site quoting software, automated sales processing included

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No Local Restrictions

No exclusivity on territories

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When you become part of the Painter1 family, you own a piece of the franchise system overall!

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At Painter1 we know what it’s like to operate, own and run a successful painting business AND a successful painting franchise! We’re successful because we have literally done it all! Our team of owners helped to start, grow and improve the 2nd largest painting franchise company in the World today! The team has also previously and currently run and operated a painting business under a franchise. What does this mean for you? This means that the team you’re working with is just that; a team! Not a bunch of corporate stiffs who don’t know the day-to-day in’s and out’s of operating a painting business such as dealing with your painters, marketing affectively, buying paint and materials and so on. At Painter1 Franchise we have your best interests in mind because we’re operating our own territories as well! We’re in this to grow the best painting services brand and we need your help!

The Painter1 team knows first-hand what it’s like to work in the painting franchise industry. We currently operate our own Painter1 franchises in multiple locations and we operate the franchise itself. When you talk to the team, you’re not relying on old, outdated thoughts and theories, you’re getting current, collaborated, first-hand information that we all share freely! Furthermore, we’re in this to grow the brand. We already took care of the long, dreaded process of researching various competitors for you. As you’ll see in the information to the left, Painter1 offers the lowest upfront franchise fee, while maintaining the lowest royalty and ad fund! How do we do all this? Click here to talk to a team member today!

We pride ourselves on being a “smart” painting company. We understand the importance of customer service and we practice what we preach. Most of our competitors rely on call center representatives to take franchise owner’s customer calls. At Painter1 we have state of the art technology that allows you to communicate directly with your customers on a personal level without needing to rely on an out-sourced call center! Click here to find out exactly how we do this!

We have also developed the very best estimating and reporting software that provides accurate, professional estimates. The software makes estimating so simple, anyone can do it! We also understand the importance of tracking your marketing and following your customer activity. Our software is a cloud-based, one-stop-shop with the best in reporting so you can stay on top of your business from anywhere!

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