Trending Kid’s Room Colors

Whether painting a nursery to bring home a newborn, play room, toddler room or transitioning your teenager’s room from child to trending teen themes, paint is the base for every project. When choosing a color scheme and design for any of these rooms you need to first discern if you are looking for color that can grow with your child or color that is unique to current age and trends that can easily be updated and changed as your child’s tastes change with age. Remember that a child’s favorite color and interests will probably change over and over again throughout the years, keep this in mind if you are not particularly fond of redecorating and painting.

Paint Color Schemes that Grow with Children

If you are the parents that aren’t keen on constantly updating paint in their child’s bedroom, opt for subtle neutral colors and soft pastels. These subdued hues find a balance between youthful play and peaceful, calming moods. With a neutral base color you can simply add pops of color with decor that is easily updated as your child grows and interests evolve.

Hues of gray are trending for kids’ rooms as it is gender neutral, soft, and yet still brightens a room. Gray is easily paired with various accent colors like yellow, blue and coral. Toned down blue, yellow, beige, green and cream can also be timeless and grow with your child.

Themes, Fun Paint for Kid’s Rooms

Subtle colors aren’t for everyone. Are you the parent that wants to create an imaginative and creative space for your little one? Paint can be fun and can bring a room to life. Fun paint trends include painting a room a neutral base color and adding a bold accent wall of pink, violet, blue, green, orange, red, coral or navy.

Other popular kid room paint trends:

  • Painted stripes and chevron patterns on accent walls using bold colors.
  • Adding vinyl decals over neutral colors is a simple way to add custom touches that are easy to update and remove while retaining a base paint that allows for a room to grow with your child.
  • Chalkboard paint is a fun trend. You can paint a wall or frame and border in sections of a room that allow your child to create and interact with their room in a whole new way.
  • Murals are a commitment but can be an exciting addition for the theme loving parents.

Paint color is the foundation of a room, it sets the tone, mood and feeling for a space. Painter1 painting professionals have been painting playrooms, nurseries and kids’ rooms for over 20 years. We know the latest painting trends, the timeless color schemes and modern techniques to transform your child’s room, bringing your ideas to life. Call our residential painting professionals today to get a free estimate!