How to Use Chalkboard Paint in Your Home

Chalkboard paint has become an increasingly popular interior painting design trend. This versatile trend brings practicality, artistry and unique interior design together with a modern look. A simple addition of chalkboard paint to a room can add personalized dynamic, style and even functionality to an otherwise bare, ordinary room. With increasing popularity, there are various and new exciting ideas that use chalkboard paint to make your home’s interior come to life and stand out.

Chalkboard Paint for Kids’ Room

Adding chalkboard paint to a child’s room or play room is a darling way to create a fun space for learning and creativity. The options are almost endless, you can paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint allowing children a large surface to create their own art or you can section off a smaller framed portion for them to practice writing and drawing shapes.

Kitchen Chalkboard Paint

This is perhaps the most common room to integrate chalkboard paint as the kitchen is typically the center of business for most families. Create chalkboard paint calendars, menus, memos, reminders, to-do lists, grocery lists, phone messages or a fun space for family members to create doodles or artsy designs.

Home Office Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint in a home office can liven the room with a modern look and practical purpose. Save on paper and space by painting a wall or a framed section of your home office with chalkboard paint to write brainstorming ideas, scheduling, messages, reminders, lists or simply to entertain children while you work.

Bedroom Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint in bedrooms offers a variety of interior design options for young and old. Paint an entire wall to allow an artist or teenager to create new fresh murals, write daily uplifting quotes or create a more uniformed design of framed chalkboard painted sections. The room can be ever changing, evolving, interactive and inspiring.

Chalkboard paint has been creating splashes in the interior design world for some time now and for good reason. It is a fun and inexpensive way to add versatility and unique style to any room. The surface is reusable, the clean up is easy and the possibilities are endless! Call a Painter1 interior painting professional today to discuss adding life to any room in your home with chalkboard paint.